December 07, 2014

How to Setup RSS Feed for WordPress Using Feedburner

Feedburner is a free service which I always recommend to every blogger. After creating your Wordpress, the first thing is to burn your feed using Feedburner. It’s very easy to burn your feed using Feedburner. Feedburner offers Email newsletter features like Email delivery time, Free Email subscription, Email subject title and more.

Burn Feed Using Feedburner : eAskme
Burn Feed Using Feedburner : eAskme
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Setup RSS Feed for WordPress Blog

Feedburner is a must have free RSS feed service for Bloggers to track the performance. You can also use adsense for feedburner feeds. It also allow you to use Feedburner Email subscriptions service to send Email newsletter to subscribers.

Burn you bog feed on the very first day. Always use Brand name of keywords in Feed name. This is helpful to find your feed in millions of other feeds. This add more features to your feed.

How to Set up Feedburner RSS feed:

If you are still using a default feed of your blogging platform, then this guide is for you. Feedburner give you more branding, Tracking and controlling email subscriber and your feed.
  • Go to Google Feed burner page 
  • Login. 
  • Add your blog URL. 
  • Copy and paste your blog feed URL
  • Click on next.
Give a name to your fee on next page. I recommend it to be same like your blog name.Use keywords.
In the next screen , you will get a confirmation message stating that your feed is ready.

So I believe tat you have successfully created a fedburner feed for your blog. Now you need to install FD feedburner plugin or feedburner feedsmith plugin and redirect WordPress default feeds to Feedburner feed.  If yo have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to subscribe our RSS feed.