March 02, 2016

Are You A Serious Instagram Addict?

There was a time when people were thinking that Facebook is the only Internet addiction. But with time and spread of Android devices, a new Internet addiction is running in veins of youth.

This new thing is Instagram. Today Instagram is known as number one obsession. Millions of people falling to click and updates their photos, not only their own but everything they see, put on Instargram.

Are You A Serious Instagram Addict : eAskme
Are You A Serious Instagram Addict : eAskme
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Today we will find out if you are Instagram addict or not. Let`s see the symptoms of an Instagram Addict.

Signs of a serious Instagram addict.

  •     You have uploaded more than five photos of a Starbucks coffee cup with your name on it.

  •     You spend hours to try new filters but go on the same one everytime.

  •     Even when you click pic of normal windows, you flood it with hashtags.

  •     Your Instagram photos are sexier than the pics you have on facebook.
  •     You even instagrmming when you eat anything.

  •     You have instagrammed everything that is in your house, even dirty dishes and rotten food.

  •     You keep instagramming pic of your pet many times a day.

  •     You never takes selfie before joining Instagram, but now you are source of selfie-tsunami.

  •     You are desperate for Instagram like and don`t care about facebook.

  •     You try duckface everyday.

These are the few very common symptoms I have seen in many Instagram Addicts. If you do have any more addiction or symptoms, please do share with us. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe eAskme newletter.