The Continued Growth of Social Media (Infographic)

Infographics are the great way to understand things easily and boost social media presence. Here at eAskme I focus on best social media strategies to make sure that you are on the right track and achieve our goals. If you are also one of those social media marketers who love to enjoy at home and handle branding of your own site in social media networks, then you must be doing the same.
The Continued Growth of Social Media (Infographic)
The Continued Growth of Social Media (Infographic) : eAskme
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In 2016, Pixel Road Designs  brings a new version 3.0 to show the growth of social media between year 2010 to 2015. Recent data shows the following:

    Facebook 1.5 Billion
    Google+ – 343 Million
    Instagram – 400 Million
    Pinterest – 100 Million
    LinkedIn – 97 Million
    Snapchat – 200 Million
    Twitter – 316 Million
    Tumblr – 230 Million
    YouTube – 1 Billion

Let`s see the growth of social media:

The Continued Growth of Social Media [Infographic]

From Search Engine Journal.

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