February 04, 2015

Google Had Disabled More Than Half A Billion Ads in 2014

Now Google has released its annual “Bad Ads” report. This report has revealed that Google had to disable more than 524 million bad ads in 2014.

Google Had Disabled More Than Half A Billion Ads in 2014 : eAskme

It shows that number of blocked ad increasing every year. In 2013 it was 350 million ads. Google has also banned 214,000 advertisers for violating their advertisement policies.

“trick to click” was the most problematic ad policy violations in 2014. These ads mislead users into something total irrelevant, like error pages. Because of this  ‘trick to click’ method over 43 million ads were disabled in 2014.

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A big number of ads disabled because of health-care related violations for example promoting illegal pharmacies. Over 9.6 million ads were disabled for because of these issues.

Google has also banned 7000 advertisers for promoting counterfeit goods. Google is committed to keep such advertisers away from Adwords. Malicious software, and weight loss scams were also the reason of ban of many advertisers and ads.

Google uses both analysts’ reviews and automated system to identify bad ads. Other advertisers, publishers and authorities also assist Google with identifying ads which violate Google’s ad policies.

Over 700,000 sites across 150 countries and territories were banned in 2014. If you thinking that it is a huge number, Google say it is just fraction of the ads. But many advertisers are still playing the game.

What you think about Google policies? Which is your favorite search engine and why?

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