February 04, 2015

Google`s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool and Mobile Friendly Label

From the very first article that I have written, I keep talking to have  mobile optimized version of your blog or website. Now a days most of the Bloggers and webmasters has moved their sites to mobile friendly versions or mobile optimized site.If you are still waiting, I must say this is the best time to move to mobile friendly theme for your site or blog. It is the best time to move to mobile optimized site. Google has already announced the launch of a very new label in search to show if the website is mobile optimized or not. That means that it will definitely affect CTR.

Right now it is not ranking factor, but it might be consider as ranking factor in coming days.

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Factors that You Need to Consider to Make Mobile friendly website:

  • Avoid using flash.
  • Text should be easily readable.
  • Screen size should be responsive.
  • There should be good space between two links.
There are chances that your site already have a mobile friendly theme and you can see Mobile-Friendly label in search engine. You can also see few errors while checking this, like:
  • Flash
  • Content size
  • Touch element very close
You should fix these errors.

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Test Mobile Website using Google`s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool:

If you want to check if you site is mobile optimized or not, then you should check it by using mobile friendly testing tool of Google. Just  enter your website link in URL and click on "Analyze". It will show you result in pass or fail. Here is the result of eAskme:

Google`s Mobile Friendly testing tool and Mobile Friendly Label : eAskme
Google`s Mobile Friendly testing tool and Mobile Friendly Label : eAskme

With the increase of mobile device usage it is necessary to have a mobile friendly website. You can make your wordpress blog or site by using best responsive WordPress theme. You can even check https://www.easkme.com on Mobile to see what it looks on mobile. You can also use JetPack plugin mobile theme or WP Touch for mobile optimized view. If you want a best responsive theme for Blogger or Blogspot then you should use Siril responsive theme for Blogger.

Very soon Google mobile friendly badge will be available in search globally. You should make sure to make your site mobile friendly, so it will not affect your CTR.

Do share if your site have mobile friendly theme or not.
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