February 01, 2015

How to Make Google Maps Embeds Responsive

Now a days everyone like to use GPS on their android or GPS devices to search for a location. There are so many GPS apps and gadgets available to make your life easy. Google Maps is the best tools to locate and address or business location.

Google Maps Embeds Responsive : eAskme
Google Maps Embeds Responsive : eAskme
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Now a days Google map is necessary part of every business to share it`s location with customers and it help bring more business as potential buyers can easily reach business offices with exact roadmap.

There are two ways to embed Google Maps in your website or blog. Go on Google Maps website and zoom-in the area that you want to embed, then click on Gear icon which you will see at lower left corner and select Embed Maps option

How Google Crawls and Indexes Web Pages

It shows you the default embed code of Google Maps. This embedded map is not responsive. Which means you have to scroll the page horizontally if you open it on phone.

So here I will share how you can make Google Maps Embeds Responsive.

How to Embed Google Maps Responsively

Below is default embed code of Google Maps:

Now to make it responsive, you just need to add few lines of CSS to your webpage and embed IFRAME.

This new embed code is responsive style. 

Now you can copy the new embed code and paste it in your own website,where you want to show your map. So you see, it is very easy to embed a Google Map on your blog or website. If you do have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

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