February 13, 2015

Google had Discontinued Google+ Helpouts

Google Discontinue Google+ Helpouts : eAskme
Google Discontinue Google+ Helpouts : eAskme
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Helpouts is a less popular version of Google+ Hangouts. Now Google said that it will be discontinued on April 20, 2015. Google+ Helpouts launched in 2013 to give people a way to connect with experts and get advice or learn new things.

Google is also going to discontinue Google Plus. It is the time for Google plus alternatives to rise up.

But Helpouts community hasn’t grown according to Google`s expectations and this reason if enough for Google to shut down Google+Helpouts.

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As Helpouts are going to be shut down on April 20, before that you can use Google takeout to download your Helpouts history.

There are many experts and people believe that Google+ Helpouts is a good product of Google and reason for it`s lesser growth is lack of aggressive marketing.

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Google has a good history of launching service that do not meet expectations. I believe they will learn and refine their services which they are going to launch in future.

Have you ever used Google+ Helpouts? How do you feel about this news?

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