April 24, 2015

5 Collaboration Tips All Digital Marketers Need

Branding is the key to success. Now every business try to build a brand as brand represent trust and reliability. But when you are making brand as marketer then you need several different people working together to make it happen. Digital Marketers, Designers and Developers need to work as teach to build brand.

5 Collaboration Tips All Digital Marketers Need : eAskme
5 Collaboration Tips All Digital Marketers Need : eAskme
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5 Collaboration Tips All Digital Marketers Need

Organized Communication

The very first thing is to everyone in your team should communicate with each other. Allow make sure that everyone can easily follow the conversation. This is where you need a good project management software.

Proper Visuals

Marketing is a visual activity. Proper Visual aids help your team to work together fo rsame goal. Sort them in one cloud server so that your team can access them easily. It makes presentations much better and easier.

Be on the Same Page

Pick a cloud storage service that allows easy collaboration with real-time updates. This will help your team access same information without any confusion.

Create a Community

Community bring success. When you make people feel that they are contributing something best and bigger then they will do it happily. Create a space for coworkers, so they can come together and share ideas quickly and easily.

How to Create Collaborative Community:

  •     Create a space that makes it easy to contribute.
  •     Open-ended questions.
  •     Brainstorming sessions.
  •     Compliment members.
  •     Assign clear tasks.

Provide The Right Tools

To make things work better, it is really necessary that your team have right tools to use. You need a good program that allow people access files and communicate easily. Here are few great tools for you to use.

Here are three of my absolute favorites:


OurUSB combines a social network, email and a cloud storage service to create a social email client which enhances communication. It is a clean and practical concept. It also integrates with Dropbox to easy your way.


Basecamp is an online project management tool. It allows users to share files, create to-do lists and offers time tracking, file based organization to make communication happen without distractions.


Wrike is an easy to use project management system. It uses list-based assignment system. If you are good in to-do type organization then it is a good choice for you. It offers both free and a premium versions.

Success come at your doorstep when you put together right people with right methods and correct tools. With these tools you can easy your way and get things done easily.

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