Google Has Launched Street View Application

Bringing to mind Google earth. Now there is an improved view for Google users. If you like the idea of street view. Then this will be good news for you. Google just launched street view for Google Play and iOS. What does this application mean for us? It means an improved view of hotels or restaurants, any outdoor space, the interior or the exterior of any place.
Now Google Has Launched Street View Application : eAskme
Now Google Has Launched Street View Application : eAskme
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Using the explore tab will allow you to see the galleries of what is available. Of already existing collections. You can now search for your any location or export your preferred choice. Also it will be visible from any angle and view.

If you are the owner of a spherical camera, then there is good news for you. As the new street view application is compatible with models such as Ricoh Theta S and NCTech iris360. Now you can use the camera to take a picture and upload your own panoramic views to the application.

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If you are not someone that has this camera. You can still use your camera of your preferred phone. But that is  what will probably be happening with most uploaded images. So if there isn't any location that doesn't have any views for panorama view, you can be uploading the view you have from your camera.

What do you think about this application? You think it will be good. Have you used it. Any thoughts you want to share about this article? Feel free to comment or contact us. We like hearing from our readers.

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