Google Open to be Sued by UK Web Users After Losing Court Ruling

Google is again in Court Area. UK Court of Appeal has rejected Google`s request to not be sued by British web users over privacy violations.

Google Open to be Sued by UK Web Users After Losing Court Ruling : eAskme
Google Open to be Sued by UK Web Users After Losing Court Ruling : eAskme
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The case seeds from an incident which happened in a nine month span between 2011 and 2012. In this span Google had collected privacy data on all Safari users, even if they have opted out of having their information tracked.

Do you know that there is incentive for Google to install cookies on your computers. Google track browsing history using these cookies. With the information Google receives from cookies, Google deliver more personalized advertisements and generate greater ad revenue.

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It is a privacy violation to install cookies on the computers of users who have opted out.

Google had argument that, as there was no financial issue incurred by the that information, so the company had done nothing wrong. But UK’s Court of Appeal disagreed:
Because of this ruling, now UK web users are open to sue Google. It includes those UK web users who have accessed the Internet during nine-month period.

BBC report calling this ruling a “David and Goliath victory” and many other groups are applauding this decision.

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Till now we have not received any official comment from Google on the ruling, but BBC reports that search engine giant is “disappointed” with this decision.

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