March 01, 2021

Who Is Dave Woodward?

Dave Woodward is the CEO of ClickFunnels, the fastest growing Funnel SaaS company in the country.

ClickFunnels has gone from Zero to over Half a Billion dollars in sales over the last six years.

Who Is Dave Woodward?: eAskme
Who Is Dave Woodward?: eAskme

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Coming up on its seventh year in business, ClickFunnels boasts more than 127,000 paid users. ClickFunnels has enabled those users to build a combined 7.1 million sales funnels, sell more than $6.6 Billion worth of their products, and generate over 1.3 Billion leads for their businesses.
ClickFunnels has helped more than a thousand businesses generate over a million dollars through a sales funnel. Some have gone onto build multi million dollar businesses by using ClickFunnels.

This kind of growth and these types of results don’t just happen. In fact, it’s practically unheard of in today’s highly competitive online environment…

Especially in the SaaS industry.

These numbers place ClickFunnels as the runaway Category King in the online sales and funnel building niche.

Along with co-founders Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, Dave has played a key role in the rapid growth and direction of the company.

What’s more, he’s a leader that people CHOOSE to follow.

Dave’s easy-going, approachable, and likeable style brings the best out of everyone he encounters.

Unlike most CEOs, Dave intentionally finds the time to personally interact with his teams on a daily basis.  

You’ll find Dave on the weekly company Pulse meeting and daily marketing meetings sharing company-wide strategies, wins, setbacks, numbers, growth projections, new promotions, and exactly where the company stands and where it’s headed.

This open and frank approach to business allows his people to feel included AND to feel like they make a difference.

When things get dicey, Woodward knows how to pivot, and pivot FAST. That’s because he’s flexible and knows precisely how to adapt to change.

His financial and people instincts are uncanny. Dave knows how to read the market, read his people, and read the constantly fluctuating trends in the online world.

DEDICATION and SERVICE ooze from his pores.

His #1 mantra is “How can we serve our customers better?”

As ClickFunnels moves forward, Dave is constantly innovating, drilling deeper verticals
and discovering new opportunities to improve ClickFunnels AND the lives of its users.

His sole goal is to change lives…

To show entrepreneurs and small business owners that it doesn’t have to be hard to follow your dreams and to grow and launch a successful business.

Because as Dave is fond of saying...every day…

“What we do matters.”


Dave Woodward graduated from Brigham Young University. He became Regional Director of Americo, a local Texas firm which he took national in just 2 years’ time.

Dave then founded Monopolize, Inc, a direct response marketing agency focused on financial services and the real estate industry.  

But he recognized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he met Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, the two founders of ClickFunnels back in 2014, when the company was just a startup.

Russell and Todd felt immediate kinship to Dave and invited him to come onboard. Dave became a vital part of the team as Chief Revenue Officer. The rest, as they say, is history.

And for Dave, it’s never about the ‘title’ of’s about RESULTS.

In addition to his CEO duties, Dave is the energetic host of the wildly popular podcast, “ClickFunnels Radio.”

Dave has a true gift for making his guests feel right at home. So it’s no wonder he gets some of the savviest business owners and self starters on the planet to share ‘never-before-revealed’ sales and marketing secrets on every show.

Dave is first and foremost a devoted husband, family man, and avid adrenaline junkie.

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