January 31, 2021

Scaling Your Business for Success

By Sona Mathews

There is plenty of advice available about how to start an online business. What is often lacking is how to grow and expand that business once you launch.

Having an online business gives you access to many more customers than a brick-and-mortar store, but there is also more competition.

Scaling Your Business for Success: eAskme
Scaling Your Business for Success: eAskme

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Once you launch, you want to continue to grow.

Why Start an Online Business

There are many reasons why people choose the internet as the backbone of their business.

For those with health conditions, working online allows a more flexible schedule without the rigors of a commute or long hours away from home.

Many people choose online work so they can travel and enjoy their personal life more than is possible when working in a traditional job.

If you have travel in mind, growing your business quickly allows you to enjoy your freedom while still bringing in a livable income.

Get Your Finances in Order

No matter how successful your business, if your personal finances are a mess, your company will never be profitable enough.

Getting your spending in check allows you to focus on growing your company. One simple step is to refinance your student loans.

By researching your options online with a private lender, you can take a necessary step to lower your monthly expenses.

This may be all that is needed to get your budget back on track and free up extra money to put into your business.

Use Proven Marketing Techniques

You have enough on your plate to launch and run your new business. There is no reason to make it more difficult by trying to implement new or unique marketing techniques.

Stick with concepts that are shown to provide results.

Email newsletters that provide a combination of valuable content and coupon codes help encourage action from subscribers.

Grab social media handles for all commonly used platforms, even if you don't plan on utilizing them all right away.

This way when you can expand, you will have a handle that makes sense for your company.

Your product should be easily accessible to customers. If they have to jump through hoops to make a purchase, you can imagine they will go elsewhere.

This may mean spending more than you would like on your e-commerce site to ensure reliability and expert help if problems crop up.

Your website and social media pages should be easy to navigate, load quickly, and provide fresh content regularly.

One of the easiest ways to build engagement is to post frequently and jump into the comments with replies and answers to questions. It is important for this content to feel genuine.

While this task can seem overwhelming, the payoff is huge.

Outsourcing social media management may be a great investment in your business during the early days.

Separate Personal and Business

When you are running your own business, it is easy to get a little too informal with your marketing. Remember at all times that you are running a business.

Before you post to social media, think of how this information will appear to potential customers.

It is much easier to go viral for thoughtless or offensive content than it is for quality marketing.

The damage done from negative social media traction is difficult to overcome.

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