March 06, 2024

OpenAI's Reply to Elon Musk Lawsuit Against the Company and Sam Altman

Elon Musk sued OpenAI and Sam Altman over breaching the contract and building AGI. Elon claimed that AGI can be dangerous for humans. Now, OpenAI replied with a post published on OpenAI Blog. In this post, OpenAI revealed several emails sent by Elon Musk that favor AGI development and for-profit business.

Elon Musk's emails to OpenAI teams and Sam Altman reveal that the company intended to go for-profit. Also, emails clearly state that Elon Musk is aware of AGI technology and the funding required for that.

OpenAI Reply to Elon Musk Lawsuit Against the Company and Sam Altman: eAskme
OpenAI Reply to Elon Musk Lawsuit Against the Company and Sam Altman: eAskme

OpenAI Reply to Elon Musk's Lawsuit Against the Company and Sam Altman:

Here is what you must know:

Elon Musk, OpenAI and AGI:

On 22nd November 2015, Elon Musk sent this email to Greg Brockman saying that they need more than $100m in funding to avoid being hopeless. Google and Facebook were also spending massive amounts of dollars on developing AI technology.

In his email, Elon stated that it is best to start with $1 billion in funding.

In 2017, OpenAI realized that they need more funding every year to make AGI possible. The company was calculating the amount of funds required to develop AGI.

Elon Musk, OpenAI, and Less Open AI Technology:

On 2nd January 2026, Ilya Sutskever sent an email to Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, and Sam Altman that making AI development open would cause hard takeoff. In her email, she said that open-sourcing everything will drive the development of unsafe AI.

In his reply, Elon Musk only said, "Yup."

Elon Mush, Open AI, and for-profit Business:

On 31st January 2018, OpenAI sent an email to Elon Musk, explaining that Google has more resources like Deepmind, Google Brain, Cloud, TensorFlow, Research, and TPUs.

In its email, OpenAI said that publishing research in the Open and helping for free will make things worse. This is where the company thought about going for-profit.

For-profits can help the company raise more funds and develop AGI without disclosing information to the public. OpenAI wants to attach itself to Tesla as a cash cow.

Elon Musk Left OpenAI:

On 26th December 2018, Elon Musk sent an email to Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, and Sam Altman explaining his retreat from the company.

In his email, Elon explained that his assessment of OpenAI being better than Google or Deepmind AI is zero.

There is a continuous need for billions of dollars every year.


Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and Sam Altman reveals many things that were not in the public domain. Elon claims that he wanted OpenAI to stay as a non-profit. AGI and for-profit businesses are against the original commitment.

OpenAI's post that revealed emails between Elon Musk and OpenAI told that Elon knew from the beginning that OpenAI would become for-profit and needed billions of dollars in investment to develop AGI.

While this post reveals something, we still have to wait and see what will happen with the OpenAI lawsuit.

OpenAI is already facing a lawsuit from The New York Times.

The company is attracting multiple lawsuits.

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