March 06, 2024

LinkedIn Algorithm Change: What Marketers and Content Creators Should Do?

LinkedIn algorithm changes, and this is impacting content creators and publishers. The new LinkedIn algorithm is now promoting old posts with the “Suggested Posts” feature. The company’s focus is on promoting high-quality content.

LinkedIn’s new algorithm is favoring quality over quantity. With recent algorithms, user can increase their content reach to a targeted audience. LinkedIn will still promote your content to new audiences with post suggestions, no matter how old it is.

Here is what you must know about LinkedIn Suggested Posts and algorithm change.

LinkedIn Algorithm Change: What Marketers and Content Creators Should Do?: eAskme
LinkedIn Algorithm Change: What Marketers and Content Creators Should Do?: eAskme

LinkedIn Suggested Posts:

LinkedIn suggested that posts are now promoting relevant content regardless of age. The target is to promote valuable content to the LinkedIn audience.

There are better places for content to reach the target audience than the LinkedIn feed.

With the “Suggested Posts” feature, the LinkedIn algorithm displays even the oldest posts with the best quality content.

LinkedIn is testing the new feature with a limited number of users.

How LinkedIn Algorithm Selects Posts to Suggest?

  • LinkedIn algorithms pick valuable posts to display in suggestions.
  • Users with an interest in your content will see more from you.
  • LinkedIn Suggested Posts work based on relevance.

LinkedIn Users Claim Decrease in Organic Reach:

LinkedIn content creators have seen a decline in organic reach. LinkedIn claimed that the priority is to promote valuable content only.

You must understand that valuable connections are more important than the content likes and views.

Don’t Follow LinkedIn Algorithm Hacks:

LinkedIn reported that there is no way someone can discover the secrets of ranking on LinkedIn. The algorithm is constantly evolving. So, never follow any hacks as part of your content strategy on LinkedIn.

What Marketers Should Do on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s algorithm change has impacted marketers in both good and bad ways.


Content creators should always focus on quality. Google is asking the same. Display your content expertise, knowledge, and helping hand when writing on LinkedIn. Use insights, stats, graphs, mentions, etc., to improve the value of the content for the users.

Target Niche:

Focus on niche communities rather than posting on your feed. Join relevant groups to increase content engagement.


Use a skyscraper content strategy to improve the quality of your content. Long content, lists, and examples are the best way to do it.

Multiple Content Formats:

LinkedIn lets you publish multiple content types, such as text, images, videos, etc. You can even use newsletters to reach your target audience.


Check content analytics to understand what type of content works best for your audience. Use that data to plan your LinkedIn content strategy.

LinkedIn and More Opportunities:

LinkedIn is continuously growing opportunities for its users. Users can share text, images, videos, and audio

Also, use newsletters to increase subscribers. Knowledge sharing is the best way to increase engagement.

What are the Best Content Formats on LinkedIn?

  • Long-form content: Long content format is best for LinkedIn. It allows you to cover everything necessary in one post and your audience to get everything from a single post.
  • Newsletter Subscription: LinkedIn Business Pages can ask users to subscribe to their newsletters. It is a way to build a loyal audience without asking for their email IDs.
  • Video and Audio Content: Videos and audio are the most engaging content on various social platforms.

How can you increase content visibility with the LinkedIn suggested post feature?

LinkedIn has clarified that the “Suggested Posts” feature will only work for valuable content.

Here is what the LinkedIn Suggested Posts feature gives you:

  • Improve content visibility.
  • Alive old content
  • Enhance skills.


LinkedIn is the most extensive professional social network. It gives you the ability to improve connections and business. LinkedIn Suggested Posts will help content creators get extra organic traffic.

The Takeaway is to improve the quality of what you publish on LinkedIn.

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