April 15, 2024

Beyond Components: Value-Added Services in Electronics Procurement

The world is reaching new heights of technological advancement with every passing second. Every day, hundreds of new products are invented in all fields of life. One common factor among most of the latest inventions is electronic components. No matter how big or small the product, it will most likely contain different electronic components.

Beyond Components: Value-Added Services in Electronics Procurement: eAskme
Beyond Components: Value-Added Services in Electronics Procurement: eAskme


This is because electronics and electronic parts have taken the main seat ever since electricity was invented.

Our homes have electronic appliances, our offices have electronics, and even the roads are crowded with electronics, such as digital billboards.

There aren't as many humans on earth as there are electronic products. So, one thing is clear: the world would come to a standstill if we removed electronics.

Now, a question comes to mind: Where are all these electronic components being manufactured?

There is no one answer to this question, as electronic product manufacturing plants are spread worldwide. If you want to buy semiconductors, you might have to explore different companies in Taiwan. For mobile phone chipsets, South Korea or the USA may be better options, and so on.

As dispersed as the electronics industry is, procuring electronic components is no easy task. The industry's oversaturation of manufacturers and suppliers comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

A peripheral integrated circuit (IC) supplied by various manufacturers will be identical.

So, what makes a supplier of electronic parts a preferred choice for buyers when procuring these products? Value-added services.

Let us see what value-added services mean precisely and their importance in electronic procurement.

Value-added Services:

Value-added services are the additional services and facilities that the supplier or distributor of a particular product provides to customers.

Suppliers offer these services to attract new buyers and retain old ones. For example, you will visit an electronics market if you have to buy a television.

You already have a brand and a model in mind. You visit different shops to get the desired television model at the best price, but the price is the same everywhere.

So how will you decide which shop to buy the television of your dreams from? Well, this is where value-added services come in handy.

If a store in the market tells you that they will not only sell you the television but will also send their team to install it in your house for free, you will automatically buy the television from that particular store.

Adding Value-addition in Electronics Procurement:

Suppliers of electronic components also offer buyers several different value-added services. Here are a few ways that distributors add value.

Assistance in Product Selection:

Electronic parts suppliers sell any product and help you select the right component for your project. They assist you in choosing the right electronic products while keeping your budget and requirements in mind.

This is a helpful value-added service, especially for new buyers, as the distributors help them make informed decisions rather than wasting money on a product not best suited to fulfill their needs.

Creating a Complete Solution by Integration of Different Products:

Another fantastic value-added service offered by electronic components suppliers is providing clients with a comprehensive solution by integrating various products.

This dramatically helps the buyers as it streamlines their procurement. Now, they do not have to deal with different product suppliers.

Offering Technical Assistance:

This is one of the best value-added services that a distributor can offer. Suitable suppliers offer their customers technical support during the procurement process and before and after that.

This means helping with the installation of the product, fixing any problems that may arise in the product, and advising on its maintenance.

Procurement Efficiency:

Suppliers make the procurement process efficient for buyers by offering a wide range of products and all their related services in one place. They act as a one-stop solution for all of the customer's needs.

This saves the buyers both time and money because transactional costs are reduced, and the procurement process is simplified.

Advantages of Value-added Services:

Value-added services offer buyers several advantages, which help them in the short and long run. Below are some of the benefits of value-added services provided by suppliers.

  • Value-added services reduce costs as they help buyers be more adaptable, tactical, and strategic.
  • Excessive inventory issues are mitigated through value-added distributors.
  • Suppliers offering value-added services help keep buyers updated about the latest industry trends to help them make informed decisions.
  • When buyers are given value-added services, they can leverage the position of the suppliers in the market to pursue their goals.
  • The procurement process of electronic components becomes faster, better, and more competent when a supplier offers value-added services.

Finding the Right Partner for Procurement of Electronic Components:

Almost every other distributor offers certain value-added services to their customers in the electronics industry. This is done to be ahead of the competitors by attracting new buyers and retaining the old ones.

These value-added services may include assistance selecting the suitable electronic component for your project, technical assistance before, during, and after the procurement process, integrating different products to create a complete solution, and other such services.


So there you have it! We learned that offering good-quality electronic components isn't the only factor that ensures successful electronics procurement.

Buyers often get confused about which supplier to prefer to purchase their electronic parts from, as they are unsure if the distributor has the required products.

Therefore, it is imperative to provide value-added services that will help you attract new buyers and retain the old ones.

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