April 15, 2024

Jason Kelce Retired: Told Philadelphia Eagles Teammates

Jason Kelce, star of the Philadelphia Eagles, told his teammates in the locker room that he is retiring soon.

He is 6' 3" tall and 295 lbs. He was born on 11/5/1987. He graduated from Cincinnati. he signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. For the last 13 years, Kelce has been playing for the Eagles and had a marvelous NFL career.

Jason Kelce Retiring:

ESPN reported that Jason Kelce, who is 36, told this after the Eagles game where a 32-9 playoff loss made him emotional.

Kelce has already talked about his retirement in the recent season, but the latest hit has made him say this to his teammates.

Jason Kelce Retiring Told Philadelphia Eagles teammates: eAskme
Jason Kelce Retiring Told Philadelphia Eagles teammates: eAskme

Jason Kelce is a Hall of Farmers and six-time App-Pro champion.

Jason Kelce has stopped reporting from taking in the locker room. His words were, “No, Guys, not today.”

Eagles coach commented:

Nick Sirianni commented on Kelce's statement that Nick loves Jason. Kelce is also the love of the team, and he is special. He always has a special place in the team.

Kelce’s contact with the Philadelphia Eagles will end in March 2024. After that, he will be free from any contract.

Jason Kelce signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. Since then, he played for the team. It has been 13 years. He has been essential in the two Super Bowl trips and 6 postseason matches.

Eagles Jalen Hurts commented:

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, said Jason Kelce’s journey was difficult. He always wants Kelce on the team.

Kelce also understands the love of his team.

Lane Johnson Commented:

Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles' right tackle, said that Kelce hinted that this season is the final season for his career.

Lane loves Kelce as the best game player. There is no one else who can replace Jason Kelce.

Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles:

Jason Kelce is the fifth center in NFL history. He is also a famous NFL player and celebrity and married Kylie Kelce in 2018 at the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia.


Jason Kelce will always be remembered as the best NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles. Maybe after his contract ends in March 2024, he will take some time off from the games. He can also return when he thinks he is ready.

More updates are coming soon.

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