April 23, 2014

How to Advertise on Amazon.com

Amazon.com is one of the largest online retailers on the internet. For those who want to advertise their items or an easy outlet to sell their products, Amazon.com offers the ways to reach a large number of buyers.


o    1
Sign up for an free account at Amazon.com account.
Login in your Amazon.com account and click on "Sell Items" at the bottom of the homepage of  Amazon.com.
Specify what you want to sell at Amazon. If you have any used or new products, to advertise your products, click on the marketplace there.
o    4
Select the product suitable category for your item. You can also search by using keyword or title.
o    5
Select the "Sell Yours Here" button next to the item you are selling. By filling out the form on the page, describe the condition of the item.
o    6
Continue to filling out the forms, indicating shipping, price, quantity, locations and any other necessary information. Once you are done, you can have the item listed on Amazon's marketplace.