How to Promote an Amazon aStore

With an Amazon aStore you make extra money by selling items. In order to sell items from aStore, you must be able to promote your aStore.

How to Promote an Amazon aStore : eAskme
How to Promote an Amazon aStore : eAskme


o    1
Choose products that are related to content of your website. Using an aStore to sell books on a website that does athletic gear reviews is usually not going to be productive.
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Update regularly. Try to keep aStore updated and growing to reflect where your aStore and where your website going. If do not update your aStore, then aStore probably is going to be neglected by visitors as well. Keep your eye on new products, and immediately add products that you mention on your website to your aStore.
Show your aStore. Make sure your visitors know about your aStore. If you have blog, mention about your aStore in your entries whenever you get a chance. If you do podcast, you can easily slip in promotions for aStore in there. Just do not overdo it and distance your audience.
o    4
Create an appealing aStore. Make sure that look of your aStore is pleasant and reflects the design and layout of your website. Use appealing colors that look good together. If you do not have knowledge for that then get someone`s help or do online search about some color combination suggestions.
o    5
Make aStore easily accessible on website. If your visitors do not know where to find your aStore on your site, then they cannot buy anything. Place a link to aStore in main navigation area  of website and be sure that the link works on each page on which it appears.

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