How to Create a Wish List on

Amazon website is the leading online marketplace. They offer DVDs, apparel, CDs, electronics, books and much more. When you will look at their catalog, you will find many items that you want to buy. You can make a list of the items that you want to own by creating a wish list on the 

How to Create a Wish List on : eAskme
How to Create a Wish List on : eAskme



  • Go to and register an account. This will takes a few mins.

  • Sign in to to create your wish list.
  • Search for the items that you are interested in. After getting the details of each item, On the right side of the page, you will see the option to add the item to your wish list.

  • After adding the items to your wish list, you can send an email through Amazon letting others know that you have a wish list.

  • You can edit the wish list at any time. Under the "Your Lists" heading at the top of the page, you can find the link to your wish list. There, you can enter the priority of the item, if you want to make the list private and  the desired number that you want for each item.
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