December 17, 2014

How to create free logo online with onlinelogomaker

Every single website and blog should have a logo, which represents it`s business. In blogging we hardly know our visitors or competitors by blog’s name or logo. We have already talked about the importance of logo. So today we will discuss about how to create a logo online. First lets see some benefits.

Benefits of having logo for a blog:

  •     Represents brand.
  •     Describes what your blog is all about.
  •     Works as an online visiting card.
  •     Graphics are easily memorable.
  •     Differentiate you from your blogger.
It is not easy to make a logo in Corel draw or Photoshop as it is time-consuming. So it is better to use free online logo making website to create logo within few minutes.

OnlineLogoMaker is a free online logo making service which helps you to create logo easily. It has so many options and user friendly interface.

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How to use Online Logo Maker?

It is just easy to use this tool. You do not need any designing skills to create a logo using OnlinelogoMaker. Go to OnlineLogoMaker site and a logo creation window will open:

create free logo online with onlinelogomaker : easkme
create free logo online with onlinelogomaker : easkme

Following are the options

Working area:

It helps you to insert images, symbols and text to make your logo.

Properties panel:

Properties panel gives you option to edit and see the properties.


Objects helps you to reorder, delete and rename objects.

Asset Buttons:

Asset Buttons gives you options to add pictures, text and symbols.

Other Buttons:

To save and load logo.

These are easy to use features, which help you to make your logo attractive with stylish festures and symbols. So create your own logo and do share your feedback. Also don`t forget to subscribe easkme newsletter to get updates.