130+ Advertising Networks Besides Google Adsense

We all want money. We work for money. Bogging is an awesome way to make money. Google Adsense is the first love of every new blogger to make money from his blog and it is the best contextual ad network. But Google is not the only one who help you make money. Every successful webmaster look for every single opportunities to monetize their blogs or website.

You should also look for the every possible way to monetize your blog or website. here for your reference few of my earlier posts to monetize your blog:

Advertising Networks Besides Google Adsense : eAskme
Advertising Networks Besides Google Adsense : eAskme

There are so many more ways to make money blogging or make money online. Today I am compiling a list of advertising networks to monetize your blog.

List of Advertising Networks Besides Google Adsense to monetize your blog

CPM Based Ad Networks
  • 24/7 RealMedia
  • Ad Solutions Network
  • Accelerator-Media
  • Ad World Network
  • AdDynamix / Pennyweb Networks
  • AdBonus
  • AdPepper
  • AdOrigin
  • Adtegrity
  • AdSmart
  • Ampira Media
  • AdZuba
  • BannerSpace
  • Bannerconnect
  • BURST! Media
  • Casale Media
  • CPX Interactive (Formerly Buds Media)
  • Click Agents
  • Federated Media
  • FastClick/ValueClick
  • Gorilla Nation Media
  • Gold Group
  • Impression|Up
  • Hurricane Digital Media
  • Interevco (Interactive Revenue Company Ltd.)
  • InterClick
  • Mamma Media / FocusIn
  • Joetec
  • Oridian
  • MaxOnline
  • Quake Marketing
  • Premium Network
  • RealCastMedia
  • Quin Street
  • Revenue
  • RealTechNetwork
  • Right Media
  • TMP
  • The Robert Sherman Company
  • Valuead
  • Tribal Fusion
  • HyperBidder
CPL/CPA Ad Networks
Text Based/Contextual or CPC Ad Networks
Comparison/Shopping Networks
“Non-Standard” Ad Networks (Pay Per Post, Expandables, PopUps, etc.)
  • 7AdPower
  • PayPopUp
  • Opt-Media
  • PopUpTraffic
  • PointRoll
  • PayPerPost
  • Tremor Network
  • ReviewMe
  • WhenU
  • CreamAid
Demographic Ad Networks
  • CrispAds Blog Advertising Network
  • Absolute Agency
  • BlogAds
  • HerAgency
  • "NON-US" CPM Based Ad Networks
    • ClickHype
    NON-US Contextual Ad or CPC or Text Based/ Networks
    • PeakClick
    NON-US CPL/CPA Ad Networks

    Final Words:

    So this is the list of advertising networks other than Google Adsense. If there is any other ad network, that you believe I have missed, feel free to tell me. If you like this article, do share on Twitter and Google Plus. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme feed to get updates in inbox.