December 17, 2014

How to design a successful logo

By Sonia
A logo represents a company’s profile. Thats why logo has to be impressive, so it can easily take place in people`s mind. Your logo should send a positive message about the services or products that you are offering. Positive impact is the first key for a good business.

Now a days companies are spending lot of money to create great value logos. So today we will discuss about some secrets of designing logo.

design successful logo
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How to design a successful logo 

Mix of Words, Design and Colors

To create a logo you need to decide on designs, colors and words. When you know what to use then you can create a great logo. A logo always predict product or service or specialization.
  • Logo should be self-expressive and appealing, which will help to attract customers.

  • Logo should match product or website.

  • Learn from Your Competitors

  • Understand the services and products before creating a logo. Also focus on customer your company attracts.

  • Do research on log of competitors and use it for inspiration.

  • It always make you understand, what you should not to do.


Design is very important part of a logo. The logo should attractive, pleasant and simple. There should not too much artwork or words in logo.

Create sketches, ask opinion of others to test which sketch attract more people. Make a list of point you want to include in a logo. Use product colors in frame of logo. You should design exceptionally well logo which match your theme


Words are also important part of logo creation. Words should describe companies brand and product in simple and short manner.

Words should be creative and expressive. Use best phrase.

A Logo Forever

A logo should be long lasting. It become companies icon for long time. Logo should also be unique so it will be easy for others to remember.

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A powerful, individualistic logo would help you make great impact on your future client base. So, create a brilliant looking logo and have a start of wonderful business.