Facebook Warns Page Owners About Upcoming Drop in Page Likes

Is Facebook on Googe`s steps? I can`t predict that. But today Facebook announced an upcoming update that will cause a drop in page likes which can hurt some Page owners. Facebook said that they are going to change the way likes are counted in their system to deliver more accurate data to it`s users.
Facebook Warns Page Owners About Upcoming Drop in Page Likes : eAskme
Facebook Warns Page Owners About Upcoming Drop in Page Likes : eAskme
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You need not to worry much, as your audience will not quit on you. It  will make you lose little value as facebook will not count likes from memorialized and deactivated accounts.

This change is good in some way as it show always real time and consistent like count on a page. If a followers deactivate his account and reactivate it again, the like count will be adjusted.

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Facebook give two reasons for this new update:

  • Improved business results
  • Greater consistency. 

Everyone get benefits from consistent and meaningful information on Facebook. So facebook believe that this new update will make Pages more valuable for businesses.

This is good as it will not show  inflated numbers. Pages which buy likes or artificially enhance numbers can get hit. But Pages that have grown organically probably will not see much drop.

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Facebook has not mentioned an exact date for when Page like update will be rolled out. But It will buzz social media community.

Do share what you think about this new Facebook Page Like update?

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