March 04, 2015

Facebook Makes 5 Predictions For A Mobile-First Future

By Sonia
Are you a smartphone phone user? Do you spend more time on phone than your pc? Then start thinking about mobile first and get ready to put computer in history of your mind. Facebook predicts that as smartphone use is booming, the mobile is going to take priority.

Facebook Makes 5 Predictions For A Mobile-First Future : eAskme
Facebook Makes 5 Predictions For A Mobile-First Future : eAskme
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Mobile World Congress going in Barcelona this week and mobile devices is hot topic. Facebook’s global head of technology and mobile strategy, Jane Schachtel predicted for mobile-first future.

More Affordable Smartphones

Schachtel predicts that due to less price of smartphone devices it is getting more and more users everyday and that`s why it is gaining more importance of in high-growth countries.

Mobile Commerce is Booming

New shopping solutions are on the floor. People are more likely to buy online products than going to shop. Shopping companies are tend to launch android and ios apps to provide easy shopping to their users.

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Manufacturers Need To Stand Out

As many smartphones are identical and offering similar features, there is a great need for manufacturers to stand out of the crowd.

Improved Network Capabilities

Mobile Networks need to become reliable and more faster to serve huge amounts of content. It`s time for 5G networks to start springing up.

Machine To Machine Connections

Schachtel predicts to see more connected devices which connect with other devices.

Schachtel says she believes a mobile-first future is good for businesses and people.

What`s your Predictions For A Mobile-First Future?