How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program

I am a hostgator affiliate from around a year. Every month, I make 600$+ from Hostgator Affiliate program. If you are new to Hostgator, you should check our Hostgator review.

How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program : eAskme
How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program : eAskme
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Hostgator is a popular web-hosting site that offers unlimited hosting with quality customer support. I had no issues recommending anyone to Hostgator. It is a win-win situation. I always recommend finest shared hosting and each successful referral makes $50 for me.It also give you opportunity to make money from Hostgator hosting. Hostgator also offers affiliate program.

Hostgator Affiliate program:

Anyone can join Hostgator affiliate program. Hostgator allow you to have a hosting account with them.

HostGator Shared Hosting Plans with Free SSL for as low as $2.75/mo.

How to Join with Hostgator Affiliate program:

Before we get into details about Hostgator Affiliate program, here is a quick income proof from Hostgator aff. prog.

How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program : eAskme
  • It is really easy to join Hostgator Affiliate program right away. 
  • Go to Hostgator site 
  • Click on affiliate 
  • Sign up for a free aff. account.
  • After sign up, Go to account information 
  • Update payment settings.

Payment option:

How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program : eAskme

You can get paid by PayPal or Check. For quick and easy payment, I recommend you to use Paypal.

Custom coupon code:

How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program : eAskme

Hostgator allows you to easily create custom coupon code. You can create $9.94 or 25% off coupon code. Never use your own coupon code.  These coupon help you in branding. For example, I have created coupon codes “eAskmeHosting” “gauravkumar”. I can offer different coupon for different websites.

Unlimited Affiliate income:

The best thing about Hostgator affiliate program is that they pay our according to number of referrals.
  •     9 * $75: $675
  •     11* $100: $1100
  •     21 *$125: $2625

Hostgator aff:

Hostgator pays only for active account and when user upload website on their server. User can sign up for only one hosting account.

I am successfully running Hostgator affiliate program from an year. It worked perfectly for me and if you do , you will also earn a lot.

Did you already knew this or you new to affiliate marketing? If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

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