Google Wants to Help Put Your Business on the Map, Literally

Do you have an online business? Do you want Google to help you to promote your business for free? Yes you read it right. Google help you in many ways to improve and promote your business. Google recommend that businesses with online listings are considered more reputable by customers.

Google Wants to Help Put Your Business on the Map, Literally : eAskme
Google Wants to Help Put Your Business on the Map, Literally : eAskme
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Users are Moreover 29 percent more likely to consider purchasing  and 38 percent more likely to visit businesses with complete listings.

But I have seen that most of the business owners are not taking advantage of this easy boost. Reports says that Only 37 percent of online businesses have  local business listing on search engines.

In 2011, Google has launched "Get Your Business Online" to help businesses to capitalize on these opportunities. This bring a lot good to small businesses.

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Google has gone to visited every US state to teach business owners to create free websites and to create Google Search and Maps listings.

Today, Google has introduced a new thing called "Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map". This new program initiative is designed to help over 30,000 cities to get their local businesses online.

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Google clears how every program will be unique to the city it is being held in:
Google will also provide free training to local organizations.

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