Google Answers Pressing Questions About Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update

There is not doubt that Google`s upcoming mobile friendly update is the hot topic for webmasters. This week Google+Webmaster hangout was dedicated to discussing the mobile-friendly algorithm.

Google Answers Pressing Questions About Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update : eAskme
Google Answers Pressing Questions About Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update : eAskme
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Now I have more details to share about upcoming mobile friendly algorithm update which will help to clear up some of your questions.

Take Up to a Week

It is believed that Google friendly algo full rollout will not run at once. It will take upto one week for it to fully roll out.

So I recommend you to monitor your traffic starting from April 21st, but you need not to worry as nothing is set in stone.

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Check if website is Mobile-Friendly or Not

You have to check if your site if Mobile-friendly or not. Your site has to fully pass Google’s mobile friendly criteria in order to be considered as mobile-friendly site.

Click here to check if your site passes Google’s mobile-friendly criteria or not.

Take Help of Google:

Google also advised that testing mobile-friendly is as easy as searching for yourself.

Your smartphone also helps you to look up your site in Google search. If you see “mobile-friendly” label next to your website, then your site is mobile friendly. If you don’t see "mobile-friendly" label then you have to work to make your site mobile friendly.

Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Doesn’t Differentiate Some Desktop Ranking Signals

Avoid mistakes:

Google has already shared a list of list of top mistakes websites make when going mobile-friendly and how you can avoid them.

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