June 13, 2015

Google Takes on Twitch With a New YouTube App Built for Gamers

Today Google announced that a new app built with gamers in mind will be released soon. It is named YouTube Gaming. Placing it in direct competition against Twitch. A live streaming app.
Google Takes on Twitch With a New YouTube App Built for Gamers : eAskme
Google Takes on Twitch With a New YouTube App Built for Gamers : eAskme
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Last summer Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million. After months of speculation that it was Google that acquired Twitch. Whatever the reason may be that the deal didn't go through with Google. It is very clear that Google is still very interested in gamers platform that is live.

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If it sounds strange to you. Remember that Youtube already is a  gamers home for reviews, trailers, speed runs and recorded walk through. Now Google is claiming to bring the biggest community of gamers on the web together as Youtube live streaming will bring all together in one place.

Over the next few weeks Google will be launching an improved experience for gamers. With the intention to making it easier to broadcast game play on Youtube. That will mean that 60fps automatic conversion and DVR will be included on Youtube Gaming. it will be available for the U.S. and the U.K. starting this summer. Google will be waiting for user feedback on the Youtube Gaming social sites before it will be releasing the final product.

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Games like "Asteroids" "Zelda" and lots more. Over 25 000 favorites. Each one with their own page. One place for the best experience for live streaming and videos. Do remember that Twitch has over 100 million users that is active on a monthly basis. Now there isn't any doubt that Google intends to get some of that audience. Many of those have already built their own following. With one unique difference from Twitch. Youtube Gaming will allow the chance to follow games. Similar to Youtube pages. Now that does sound like a gamer's paradise. What is your thoughts on that?