February 26, 2015

12 Incredible Ways to Make Old Pages Rank in Google Again

By Sonia
Have you ever ranked a page in search engines? Have you seen that over time, it`s search engine ranking dropped?

I have seen it many times. Why this happen? There are various reasons. The Competition, algorithm changes make search landscape fluctuate.

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So you have to make sure when it happen to you, you already have incredible techniques to win back rank for an old page. Today I am sharing 12 Incredible Ways to Make Old Pages Rank in Google Again.

12 Incredible Ways to Make Old Pages Rank in Google Again

1. Build Fresh Internal Links to the Page

Start adding relevant internal links to that page. Link that high traffic pages of your site to that old page. Internal links also pass pagerank. It also help you to strengthen and solidify internal site structure.

When you create strong internal linking, it will help you drive referral traffic to the page.

2. Main Navigation Menu to the Page

To rank an old page you have to make that page a big deal. You need to make it popular, recognition and gain lots of traffic.

The easiest way is to link that page in your main navigation menu. Main navigation menu contains most valuable pages of your site and this way you rank your value pages and give traffic to those pages through visible linking.

For example, on my site, easkme.com, I’ve added Learn Blogging Online in my top navigation menu that I consider as an important page.

3. Redirect Old Resources to the Page

If you have some 404 error pages then redirect them to the page you want to increase traffic. Do not redirect spammy links.

4. Create Support Pages

The more pages you add the more better your rank will be. Add 20% to 30% more pages every year. The more pages make better ranking of your site and this way you can support the page you want to promote.

5. Relevancy

Write evergreen content and keep updating old posts with new information. Always review your old content.
  •     Check Following factors:
  •     Am I referencing any outdated information?
  •     Outbound links going to the right pages?
  •     Does the page contain useful information?
  •     Does the page need to be updated with recent changes of industry or niche?
  •     Am I using non-keyword-intensive and diluted anchor texts?

6. Add a Lot More Content

It’s obvious that your blog or website need more fresh content. But there is not exact number about how much content you should add. The more content you add, the higher rank that page will have.

7. Change the Page Frequently

It is well known that frequent updations leads to better ranking. Update your content often. This is for whole site.

8. Add Resources

Quality backlinks also do awesome job to rank in search engines. Add great content and resources. Add Videos, Documents, infographics and other resources.

9. Resubmit Sitemap

After making changes generate new sitemap and submit to search engines. This way you index new content faster.

10. Promote in Social Media

Content alone can`t generate traffic. You have to engage people with content of your site. Promote your page again. Drive traffic from social media profiles such as, Goolge plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

11. Use Target Keyword in Pages Across the Website

Remember that your whole site should be optimized for the keyword you want to rank for.

To find out how many times a specific keyword appears on your website contains use following query on Google:

inurl:yoursite.com “specific keyword”

12. Share Updated Page with Industry Leaders

Don`t just keep high quality pages to yourself. Tell industry leaders and everyone about your page and gain appreciations. The more you share the more traffic your page will get.

Final Words:

Even great content can`t rank in search engine If you do not work properly. Work strategically to keep your top rank in the SERPs.