June 30, 2015

How To Convert OST To PST Outlook 2013/2016 With IMAP Account

When it is about OST file, the very obvious client-server connection that strikes a user’s mind is MS Outlook-Exchange Server. Recalling from Outlook 2003, the profile configuration using MAPI protocol results in OST data file. However, with Outlook 2013, Microsoft added a twist and now OST file is created when IMAP or MAPI protocol is used.
How To Convert OST To PST Outlook 2013/2016 With IMAP Account : eAskme
How To Convert OST To PST Outlook 2013/2016 With IMAP Account : eAskme
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Now, the computing giant has extended the advantage of OST file even without Exchange Server deployment. With same security features, users can enjoy the benefits of OST file format but at the same time will have to bear its disadvantages too. For example: You cannot simply take it to another Outlook profile and you cannot backup the OST file easily.

OST File and Related Problems:
Scenario #1:
If you have an OST file and there is requirement to open the file in different profile due to application crash or for mobility of database, then definitely there is requirement that you first convert OST file to PST file format. This is because unlike OST file, the PST file is free from the limitation of opening the file into different profile. Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

When the solution is known, the query is how to implement it. If the requirements is to back up the OST file into PST, the default Import-Export wizard of Outlook can be used. But suppose if the Outlook profile is removed accidently or the application crashed, resulting in an orphaned OST file. The situation becomes complicated because when you create a new profile to again get started, the OST file cannot be opened due to change in profile and thus the built-in option cannot be utilized.

Scenario #2:
An OST file is like any other file on the machine-vulnerable to “N” number of issues which can occur due to hardware, software, incompatible programs (like anti-virus) etc. If for any reason the structure of OST file has been distorted or there are problems leading to the inaccessibility of OST, then definitely the solution is recovering the OST file database into PST file.

However, in such scenarios, one more phase is added to migrate OST into Outlook PST process and it is recovery. This means that the database has to be first scanned, recovered, and then converted into PST. Reason being, the inaccessibility could have caused due to a single corrupt message in the mailbox. Therefore, the file should be checked out for any inconsistent data before conversion.

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Scenario #3:
Error messages are one of the prominent modes to inform the end user that something is wrong with the database. Most of the times, the error messages are due to incorrect application settings, many a times they give a clue of what is wrong, but sometimes, they just lead to inaccessibility over the mailbox database. The unfortunate part is, Microsoft does not provide any option for repairing the OST file or fixing errors due to file inconsistency.

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Scenario #4:
Outlook data files are not allowed to grow large in size; because if they do, the performance of the application will directly get affected. To deal with the problem, it is recommended to monitor and maintain the OST file size. The best that a user can do in this concern is backup or archive the OST file data into PST file. Timely migrating database into PST file ensures that size of OST file does now grow large ad hence the important day-to-day operations of Outlook is not affected.

Discussing the Solution:
The best option to deal with OST file problems is to check out for software that will allow migrating the database successfully. These applications give the benefit of adding multiple OST files and then move the database to PST file without any changes to the metadata. For an all-round solution, take care of the fact that OST to PST conversion is accompanied by recovery procedures too with facility for file size management.