June 30, 2015

Now You Do Not need to Use Facebook Messenger

Now Facebook really took a step to create it's own platform. Announcing that people can use Facebook without even needing an account. But you still need a phone number, also you need to be in Canada, The US, Venezuela or Peru. You will be able to sign in whether you have an Facebook account or not.
Now Your Do Not need Facebook Use Messenger : eAskme
Now Your Do Not need Facebook Use Messenger : eAskme
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The truth is that not everyone uses Facebook. So by uncoupling itself from messenger. Facebook made sure they have the chance to reach more users than before.

So for those who deactivated their accounts. They will now be able to communicate with friends or family using this popular messenger. That includes those who never signed up for Facebook too. Now people can take advantage of this feature. It is already working.

Facebook to Turn Messenger into a Platform Similar to Snapchat

As people will get a screen that says "Not on Facebook?" Using that option will give you the chance to sign in with your name, a photo and your phone number.

But the company is still careful about the benefits about this method of communicating with friends and family. Time will reveal how beneficial it was to make the change. What is your thoughts about this? I would like to know as for me. I think it can be good.