Torrent Handler : Convert Torrent Download Into HTTP Download

Torrent Handler is a web based torrent client. They work simply downloading torrent in their server and then the download is available for you to download. Today we see its benefits.

Torrent Handler : Convert Torrent Download Into HTTP Download : eAskme
Torrent Handler : Convert Torrent Download Into HTTP Download : eAskme
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You can access torrents via torrent handler even they banned in your office.

It download torrents faster. They say that their Average Download Speed: 1056 Kb/s
No need of any torrent client.

This is useful for those people who don`t get speed while downloading through torrent clients and they prefer downloading HTTP files over torrent.

How to use Torrent Handler to convert Torrent link into direct download link:

Torrent Handler  is very easy to use. You just need to Sign Up and then click on Add torrent in navigation bar and it will show you options to add torrent file there. You can add downloaded .torrent file or directly paste the torrent link or directly search torrent.

Select the option "notify me via Email when download is completed" and click on add torrent. Now you will see registration page and here you can check status of your download. Quality of service is good but they are not free.

See it : Firefox torrent addon for download freaks

Once you refill your account, Torrent handler will download file in their server and will offer you high speed download via HTTP link.  I like this site but they do not have any free option. Torrent handler is good option to convert torrent file into HTTP.

So this is one of the best way to convert torrent file into HTTP and download. If you like this article do share on Twitter and facebook.
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