Google Panda 4.2 is Rolled Out : Affecting only 2 to 3% of Queries

Gary Illyes of Google confirmed this week that Google is rolling out new Panda update. This is the version 4.2 of Panda Update that Google has started rolling outlast weekend and it is now affecting 2 to 3% of queries.
Google Panda 4.2 is Rolling Out Now : Affecting only 2 to 3% of Queries : eAskme
Google Panda 4.2 is Rolling Out Now : Affecting only 2 to 3% of Queries : eAskme
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If you are not getting any impact on your site or blog till now then it dosen`t mean that you got saved.

Google Panda is on its way and it will take few months to reach over every single website or blog in the world. So this is the reason according to Gary Illyes that you may not notice any change for a while on your site.

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Till now search results of Moz. Mozcast is not showing signs of any unusual activity. SEOs has nto reported any activity that shows Panda footprints. Length of the time may be reason for this or may be that it will affect only 2 to 3 search queries. The panda update has affected only 3–5% queries in 2014 and previous one had affected 7.5% of queries.

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Only small percentage of queries getting affected by Google Panda. So I can say that with time they are not effecting more queries. This may be because everyone is improving their sites according to the standards of Google.

Glenn Gabe had seen some surges and dips in traffic:

I expect that we will see much more reports of fluctuation in terms of traffic in coming weeks as Google Panda 4.2 is on its way.

If you may have noticed any significant changes in your website traffic patterns then please let me know via comments. If you have any suggestion on how to beat Google Panda, do share with me.

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