January 01, 2015

How to Beat Panda and Penguin with Your Content Strategy

We all know the importance of quality content and SEO for websites and blogs. In past few years quality metrics of search engine has improved a lot and with Google Updates like Panda and Penguin, hummingbird etc, Search engine is bounding webmasters and bloggers to keep high quality content and drill down the lowers sites with low content.

Whenever a Google rolled out a new update, there always few or many webmasters or bloggers who get hit of these updates. Panda and Penguin are well known for putting harsh penalties on webmasters. Good news is that you just need to upgrade your content strategy to stop Panda and Peguin from blocking your path.

Beat The Panda and Penguin content strategy
Beat The Panda and Penguin content strategy : eAskme

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Google Panda Update 4.1 to Improve Quality

Panda 4.1 has affected 4 to 5 percent websites in search results. It has also improved the search results of small and medium size blogs and websites with quality content. This way they are encouraging websites with quality content if they are small. Panda want websites to focus on quality content.

How Panda find its victims:

To save your site and yourself from Panda you should know that which type of websites it effects. Panda is a famous killer of bad content sites. It kick out low-quality sites from search. So let`s see the features of bad sites, which make Panda beat them out.

Sites with Outdated Content:

It means that the kind of content which has no use or value for visitors and also no value for websites. Such content do not generate any traffic.

Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing do not work anymore like it worked few years ago. Still many newbie bloggers do keyword stuffing which actually attract panda to beat them.

Duplicate content:

Duplicate content is a sin in the eyes of search engines.

Very short content:

Long content attract visitors and add value to the website. It make visitors stay on the page for long time. But short content make them leave your site quickly which is bad.

Bad User Experience :

Search engines are here to provide best user experience to the visitors. Outdated, duplicate and short content is enough to create a bad user experience and invite Panda to beat that site.

Penguin kick low quality content:

Penguin`s main focus is to eat spammy links. It is harsh on unnatural link building. If you have a high quality content the your site itself start getting backlinks. So you need not to worry about link building and stop going for unnatural ways.

Tips to Save Your Site from Panda

So now you know what is low quality content and Spam links. Now lets see What is Panda and Penguin proof content strategy?

Write High Quality Content:

Panda is always kind on high quality content. It`s mission is to provide best quality content for best user experience. So you just need to now how to create valuable content.

Do research:

Before writing on any topic, first do research and find out what readers are looking for. What is teh expectation and their questions. Never waste time on low level posts.

Hot Topics:

To be on top and attract most visitors you always need to write on hot and trendy topics in your niche.


Add examples in your content to make it easy for your readers to understand what your articles is talking about. Provide relevant links to give them more information about the topic.


A good user experience is also depend upon the excellent formatting fo your content. Use heading tags, paragraph tags and break text into paragraphs. To show tips use bullet points.

Write, Read, Edit, Read then Publish:

Mistakes in an article, like spelling mistakes can be a biggest turn off for your readers. You can ask other to proof read your articles and find out mistakes. But it is always wise to read before you publish.
It take time and patience to turn low quality article to a high quality article.

Updated Content:

Panda beat that post which is outdated or not relevant, like old articles to do something, which has changed with the time. For example if you have an article telling how to use Orkut, then that is an outdated content as Orkut no longer working.

Evergreen content:

To be always on the tops of search engine, you have to write evergreen content. This is the most effective strategy, as your content never get old. Now lets see the features of an evergreen content:
  • Step-by-Step instructions
  • References
  • Top tips
  • FAQ`s
Every-green content is always a win win content for a website.

Keyword Density:

Keyword density is something which can save or invite Panda on your website. Keyword density is the ratio of the number of times you have used your keyword in the total number of total words in your article.

It is recommended to keep keyword density between 2 to 4 percent in yoru articles. But Google algorithms are keep changing, so you can`t actually predict the best number of keyword density. So best thing as that you write article in natural way and do not force keywords into your content.

See This:

Never Write Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content is sin in the eyes of search engines. Google is very serious about it and if you copy word to word then it means that you are actually inviting panda to beat your site. I always say that you should read and get inspiration, but write in your own words, not in the words of someone else.

Length is Breath:

If you want Panda to be your friend then you should focus on writing long content. Long articles easily rank in search engines. It is said that around 2,000 words article is a good start to write long content.

Stay on road:

I am not asking you to go in streets. I mean to say that while writing an article you should stick to the topic. For example if you are writing about how to cook then you should not mix who is the George bush. I know its common sense, but still there are many newbie bloggers who make such mistakes.


As i have already said that formatting is one of the important factor to give best user experience. Poorly formatted articles create bad user experience and invite Panda. Use proper headings, subheading, bullets and paragraphs to give excellent formatting to your article.

Valuable content which attract links:

If you do not want Penguin to have your site in its mouth, then you should write high quality article which attracts quality links from outside. When you write extremely valuable content, there are more chances that people will link to your content.

Educate and Engage:

Content that educate and engage visitors, always treated as most valuable by search engines and also by readers. Engaging and informatic content create a good user experience and your job is to create an excellent user experience.

We know that Panda and penguin can beat a site too badly. But you should not be afraid of this. Just follow these tips and create a good content strategy. These tips will help your blog or website to get good rank, high traffic and good readership and Make your Website a Brand.

So you see it`s all about creating a natural, informatic, engaging content and stay away from low quality content. invest your time and get rewards for it. If you do have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask via comments.
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