What Is a Blog?

You may be wondering why I am writing about What is a Blog? even when I have already written a lot about blogging, SEO, Wordpress and money making. Well I have to write about what is a blog, because there are still so many people who don`t know what a blog is?

So I have decided to write it and also including some helpful information to settle you a blog. Now lets read this guide:

What Is a Blog?


So you have read or heard this word “blog” and you want to know what what is it. So you are here now. So let`s see what is a blog? With time you can start sharing your views, suggestions, have discussions and make money blogging.

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What Is a Blog

A blog is a frequently updated web page or website, usually run by small group or individual, that is written in conversational style. Blog allow you to express yourself to world and you can share thoughts and passions. Blog is anything you want it to be. For me blog is my own website that I update regularly.


There are many derivatives of the word blog. Blogger is the person who manages a Blog. Blogging is the activity of keeping a blog. So we can say Blogger do blogging on his blogs. Before you start with blog, these are the basic terms that you should understand.
In the beginning days of blogging, blogs were primarily used for writing their day-to-day activities. As these writers started getting followers, then it turned into professional blogging. Today bloggers write on every single topic of interest.

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Who Blogs?

Who are the people who like to write about different topics and share with the world. There are millions of people who blogs everyday.

Blogging Tools To Help You Blog Smartly

There is so much demand in Blogging that now so many blogging tools are available to help bloggers. The person with very little knowledge of PC and internet can start his own blog.

Why Do People Blog?

Now the question is why do people blog? The first reason is that everyone want to share their views and want other to hear them. Bloggers have the opportunity of reaching millions of people around the world.

People not only write about their own lives but also blogging is one of the best way to make money online. Here come professional blogging, where bloggers write about the topics of interest and make money from different advertising services.

Factors That Show Passion Blogging

Now a days we see blog on every single topic such as News, hair tips, celebrity scandal, technical information, political rumor, travel, science, vehicles, gets people involved in volunteering, advices etc.

How blog is different than Website?

Features which make blogs different from other websites:
  •     Regularly updated content
  •     Published in a chronological fashion
  •     Readers can leave comments
  •     Blog authors can interact
  •     Syndicated content via RSS feeds

Now it`s your turn:

So I believe that you understand what is a blog. Do share Are you already blogging? What are your favorite blogs?  What will you blog about?