October 09, 2015

10 ways to make yourself less addicted to smartphones

These days, Smartphones are not just a necessary part of life but sometimes they are making people addicted to them. We already know that addiction to anything is bad. Smartphone addiction is becoming very common these days. Most of people can live without food or shelter but can`t even imagine to live without their smartphone. What do you think you are if you suddenly wake up in mid-night just to check notification on your smartphone? or you always check notifications on your smartphone before you go to sleep, this shows that you are addicted to smartphone. This is a serious condition.

10 ways to make yourself less addicted to smartphones : eAskme
10 ways to make yourself less addicted to smartphones : eAskme
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Smartphone invented to make life easier so never let it rule on your life. If you are also one of those who are addicted to shmartphones and want to reduce this addiction, then you should read this guide carefully. Smartphone addiction also known as Nomophobia. It is a fear that lives in your mind that you are have lost your phone or out of your phone contact. Study says that 66% of smartphone users are already feel signs of Nomophobia. So it is the time for you to check your habit and save yourself from this addiction.

How to know is you are addicted to smartphone? : Signs of smartphone addiction

  •     Using smartphone during mealtime.
  •     using smartphone even when you are taking with other person.
  •     Feeling uncomfortable without your smartphone.
  •     Frequently check your phone even if you eat, write, drive or even bathing
  •     Keep checking for notification without waiting for notification sound.
  •     Keeping phone always in hand.

If you feel any one of such symptoms in yourself then you should read this post carefully.

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10 ways to make yourself less addicted to smartphones

Minimize or Turn off notifications

Smartphone are getting too many notifications, which make you look at it again and again. You may have seen many useless notifications till now. I recommend you to turn off notifications for unnecessary apps and only set notification for important tasks.

Stay away from your smartphone for some time : Can you do it?

I am talking about the time when you are sleeping. I am talking about the time during the day, there are chances that you can miss important call or notification, in that case you can hand over your phone to your mom or friend and tell her/him to give you phone only when it is urgent. Never use smartphone in washroom and kitchen.

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Set smartphone usage rules

Setting rules and following those rules can be a difficult task. But you can set few rules, such as:

  •     Never use smartphopne at mealtimes
  •     Never use smartphopne while you are with family or friends
  •     Never use smartphopne at social events
  •     Never use smartphopne during talking face-to-face
  •     Never use smartphopne in the bedroom

Turn off Internet

Keep your data connection off, or leave your phone at home when you are going for shopping.

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Mute Whatsapp groups

Whatsapp groups are the big source of unnecessary notifications. Leave unnecessary groups and turn off notification when you don`t need to be part of conversation of group chat.

Use alarm clock rather than your phone

It is really common in people that they use smartphones to set alarm and this gives you habit to sleep with the phone, which is not only distract your sleep but also harmful for your sleep.

Wear watch

It is also common among people that they keep checking time on their mobile phones. I recommend you to buy a wrist watch as it make it easy for you to check time even when you drive.

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Remove social media apps

Social media apps are the big source of unnecessary notifications. If you can then you should remove social media apps.

Enjoy company of real people

Don`t just lost yourself in the app world of android. Make space from your phone for sometime and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Close eyes and take a deep breath whenever your mind trick you to check phone without any reason.

If you follow above tips then you will surely get relief from your smartphone and it will help you to stay away from Nomophobia.

Do share what make you check your phone again and again? If you have any suggestion or question, feel free to ask via comments.