Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content

In June, Twitter gave us a hint of its new project tat twitter team was working to highlight twitter platform strength in better way for real-time events. "Project Lightning" is a completely new function to showcase real-time discussions on Twitter with the help of curators who would create streams based on trending discussions. Now lightning has been renamed as "Moments". You can consider it as the boldest move of Twitter towards how to win over new audiences.

Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme
Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme
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In the Moment

Moments, is live from today for all of the US users and will cover the world soon. It is now available as a tab within the Twitter. Moments uncovers key events and discussions. If you are using Twitter on desktop, then you can see moments tab between "Notifications" and "Messages".

You can scroll to view Moments collection you want. You will see the collection of content gathered from Periscope, Vine and Twitter on that particular topic. You can set favorite or re-tweet content as you do normally. At the end, Moments gives you option to share the content gathered from various resources.
Twitter Launches Moments, The New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

What I like best in Moments that they get updated in real time. It is extremely good when it comes to see breaking news stories. When stories get updated, you will see a blue dot in the upper right corner of images which are associated with the Moment. You can even follow that moment by clicking on ‘follow the moment’ option. This will bring curated tweets for that particular moment directly into your timeline. Tweets will be stopped as the event will end, so you need not to worry about stopping it.

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Mentions collections are perfectly curated by a team of human editors in real time. Twitter has its own team working for moments to ensure correct, current and accurate information land in your moments. Twitter has released a set of guidelines about how Moments content is selected. It underlines the data-driven and impartial nature of Moments content.

Twitter Launches Moments, a New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

There is no doubt that twitter is planning to generate more revenue through moments but at the same time twitter will not annoy users in moments by showing heap of commercial content. So Twitter has a good plan to keep it relevant for users.

The Opportunity of the Moment

In the beginning, Twitter team is working to assemble Moments. There will be some awesome moments which are created by partners. Moments gather content from Bleacher Report, the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Fox News, Entertainment Weekly, Mashable, Getty Images,  NASA,  MLB, Vogue and New York Times. This will enable such groups to present own content on the Moments platform. This will increase user engagement with the content in a whole new way.

Twitter Launches Moments, a New Way to Discover Tweet Content : eAskme

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Live stories always generate more traffic and this will turn into a lot of revenue. As Twitter is allowing brands to create stories of their own, this will open up a whole new way to connect with th users via Twitter platform.

Real-Time Trends

Since the appointment of co-founder Jack Dorsey as their new CEO, Moments is a first big step for Twitter. If the things work as Twitter has planned, then it will open a new Pandora to showcase the strength of twitter`s platform, as the leader in real-time discussions and events. This will ultimately boost its revenue with this new revenue stream.

Have you tried to use Moments till now? Do you like Moments? or Do share your feedback for Twitter moments via comments.

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