December 03, 2015

How to Become Number One

By Sonia
Being Number one is the dream of every single person on this earth. Everyone want to gain attention of people around the world. But very few of them get it actually. There are examples that two persons no matter how much they are committed to each other or devoted to each other, still they compete to be number one.

How to Become Number One : eAskme
How to Become Number One : eAskme

Being Number one has its own benefits. Where many people want to be number one to get more money, there are other type of people who want to be number one by serving or helping others.

So if you are on this article that means you are also one of those who want to be number one or you are looking for ways to be number one.

Well if you looking for some shortcuts to become number one believe me there are no shortcuts in any line.

How to Become Number One:

Clear target:

Clear target : eAskme

You must have an ultimate target to achieve like you want to be number one in business, or you want to be number one in selling, or you want to be number one celebrity, or you want to be number one engineer, or you may want to be number one blogger.

No matter in which field you want to be number one, it should be clear that what you want, as you can`t be number 1 in two different things at same time. So the very first thing is that you should have a fixed and clear target.

Dedication, Commitment, Passion:

Dedication, Commitment, Passion : eAskme

You cant be rich if you don`t have dedication, commitment or passion to be rich same way, if you want to be number one blogger then you have to keep other things aside and give whole focus and time with passion and love to your blogging or any other target.

Remember where you put your whole energy that thing will happen to you more faster than anything else, so put your whole energy in you career as I put all my focus in my Blogging.


Believe : eAskme

You can`t get that what you don`t believe that you can get. Just wishing for something is not enough to get your target. I always say that believe that you have what you are trying to have and this will fill you with a positive energy that will never let you turn off from your ultimate target to be number one.

So always believe that you are very close to your target and you will definitely get it.

Do and Do again:

Do and Do again : eAskme

Don`t just do what is necessary, do everything to make things happen for you and do everything to get the target. Don`t just do once and forget, Successful people do same thing again and again to be number one and make doing good things their habit.

If you know that talking to people will spread your business, than don`t be shy talk to people again and again  without caring what others will say.

Enjoy the Chase:

Enjoy the Chase : eAskme

It has been said that chasing a target is the best thing to do. If you believe that than noone can stop you from being number one which is your ultimate target.

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Final Words:

Don`t leave your target for anything. You are the only one who can decide if you deserve your target to be number one or not. So do everything without being afraid of competition.

I believe there is still more to say when it comes to become number one blogger or become number one in any industry.