December 03, 2015

6 Websites to Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Freelancing is easy to start but still not consistent till you have enough work in hand. Sometimes you cannot get any job and sometimes you have toms of articles to write. So you should have more options in freelancing world. Today I am sharing a list of Freelance writing websites that will help to keep you busy.
6 Websites to Start Your Freelance Writing Career: eAskme
6 Websites to Start Your Freelance Writing Career: eAskme


You should always be ready to welcome new work. Here are six websites to begin your freelance writing career online.

These freelance writing websites are mix of marketplaces and websites where others are ready to buy your work. Take a look and choose which you think is best for you.

List of Freelance Writing Websites :

You should also use Google search to look for writing jobs. This will help you reach people who are looking for copywriters or blog writers and you can generate enough money.

Freelancer: is a freelance job board that give options of 100 different jobs for freelancers. Design, Programming, It, Writing and so many more. is a great place for writers to get massive jobs.


oDesk is also a freelance job board. Like oDesk also offers a variety of jobs that can easily be accomplished. But payment not always that good.


Elance is one of the best freelance job board for outsourcing work. You just need to register to see details of jobs and bid.


Craiglist is still oen of the easiest way to find freelancing writing jobs. It is mainly to network people in local area but still you can look and get more out of it. Thousands of individuals and companies post writing jobs there.

Squidoo :

Squidoo allow anyone who want to find writing jobs even if they do not have any blog or website. Its interface allow you to create lenses about the subject you want to write.

Constant-Content :

Constant-Content is a premiere marketplace for major freelancers. Writer can get top dollars for their articles. They have larger marketplace but strict editorial process.

Final Words and Suggestion :

Here we have presented six most famous freelance writing websites. Now its on your own choice which you want to use to earn passive or fulltime income.

You just need to complete your profile and add portfolio on these sites, this will make you look expert and professional.

Do share your own views about freelance writing and freelance websites. Which freelance website you use?