How to Create a Successful Science Blog

Blogs are the way to express your own opinion than reading just news. People not only express their views but also answer to a lot of things.

How to Create a Successful Science Blog : eAskme

How to Create a Successful Science Blog ?
  • Increases your knowledge by reading news feed and science magazines to get the latest updates in research and science discoveries. You can see science news headlines from around the world on The Science Portal of the Discovery Channel. this will update you about rocking discoveries and you will find links to other popular science websites. By reading this you will have good knowledge about this topic.
  • Use Images because images make the information interesting and easier to understand. Pictures can also make a science blog more attractive and interesting to search engines, as they look  photo tags to index science blog.
  • You can invite someone in the field of science to provide you feedback, or you can interview people who are famous in your area in the field of science for your readers. Try to find experts, you can got to Experts.com.
  • Post frequently about daily science updates to keep readers engage daily in your blog or if you do not have time to post daily than at-least try to post 3 days in a week.
  • Avoid publishing old science news. Readers want fresh content and fresh content is always interesting and attract visitors. Stick to last minute updates.