August 24, 2020

How to Create a Successful Science Blog in 2024?

Is science your passion? Do you also like writing? If yes, then you have a science blogger living in your mind. It is time to get him in front of the world and start your journey to become a successful science blogger.

To become a science blogger, you need to create a science blog.

Today, I will share everything that will help you to start a professional science blog for success.

Note: Blogs are the way to express your own opinion than reading just news. People not only express their views but also answer to a lot of things.

I will be linking to the different guides in this article to make sure that you will not miss anything related to the success and blogging.

How to Create a Successful Science Blog in 2024?: eAskme
How to Create a Successful Science Blog in 2024?: eAskme
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How to Create a Successful Science Blog ?

To become a professional and successful science blogger, the first thing you need is to launch a science blog.

To launch a science blog you need to arrange a few things;

  1. Niche or Micro Niche (Here Science is your niche unless you want to choose a micro-niche.)
  2. The domain name (Must reflect the nature of your blog or use science word in it. )
  3. Web Hosting (Choose cheap or premium web hosting)
  4. WordPress Science theme (must choose a premium science theme for your blog)

Niche Science Blog:

You have already selected science as your niche.
It is the time to think that you want to cover everything related to science on your blog or want only to touch one specific part of the science.

For example; You can start a science blog that only talks about rocket science or Space travel.

When choosing a micro niche for your science blog, follow the eagle eye concept for research.

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, or AHrfs to find out if your micro-niche is profitable.

When doing this research, you need to focus on a few things such as;

  • Monthly search
  • Competition
  • CPC
This will give you a good idea that you should go for a micro niche science blog or multi-niche science blog.
After deciding the blog niche, the next thing you need is to purchase a domain name.

Domain Name for Science Blog:

I must tell you that web hosting services give you one free domain name with their hosting plan.

But if you can still buy a domain name separately.
I have already shared a complete guide about choosing a domain name and what you should follow and what you should ignore.

To buy a science domain name, you should visit the popular domain name registrar website. and search for the domain name.

Always stick with .Com.

For example; If you want to choose a domain name related to space travel, you can go to to search for the domain. You will find
Domain name: How to Create a Successful Science Blog in 2024: eAskme

You can buy it.

If the domain name is costly, then what to do?

Use domain name suggestion tools to find the various available variations of the science domain name related to your blog name.

Make sure that your original blog name should be similar to your domain name.

Web Hosting:

I have written many articles and reviews of web hosting service providers.

You should check them before settling with the best web hosting according to your need.

Here are they;

After purchasing the web hosting, the next thing is to buy a WordPress theme for the Science blog.

WordPress Theme for Science Blog

Purchasing a Science Blog WordPress theme is essential.

Buy a premium WordPress theme from famous WordPress theme clubs.

Once you have all these, it is time to connect your domain name with your blog and upload your blog theme on WordPress hosting.

Now you should create Important pages such as;

  1. About us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Privacy Policy, etc.
After that, you are ready to write your first science blog post.

Start Writing:

Write Blog Post: How to Create a Successful Science Blog in 2024: eAskme
Writing a blog post is an art!
You need to make sure that your blog post is impressive in every possible way.
For this first, you need to get knowledge about the topic.


Do you think this is enough?
There is more that you must do to make your science blog successful.

What more you should do to?

  • Increases your knowledge by reading news feed and science magazines to get the latest updates in research and science discoveries. You can see science news headlines from around the world on The Science Portal of the Discovery Channel. This will update you about rocking discoveries, and you will find links to other popular science websites. By reading this, you will have a good knowledge of this topic.

  • Use Images because images make the information exciting and easier to understand. Pictures can also make a science blog more attractive and appealing to search engines, as they look photo tags to index science blog.

  • You can invite someone in the field of science to provide you feedback, or you can interview people who are famous in your area in the field of science for your readers. Try to find experts; you can get to

  • Post frequently about daily science updates to keep readers engage daily in your blog, or if you do not have time to post daily than at-least try to post three days in a week.

  • Avoid publishing old science news. Readers want fresh content, and fresh content is always exciting and attract visitors. Stick to last-minute updates
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