Apple Pay: Why Do Kiwis Use It?

The mobile solution has now become the most used option as a payment method and has shown growth in the international market. Apple Pay is one of these mobile payments launched by Apple Company in October 2014 which is now mostly used in 15 countries.

Apple Pay: Why Do Kiwis Use It?: eAskme
Apple Pay: Why Do Kiwis Use It?: eAskme

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Reputed to be quick and straightforward, this digital wallet service can be used in various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

As Apple Pay is the most convenient method for all iOS devices, many industries have already integrated this service.


Apple Pay is both a digital wallet and mobile payment service that enables people in many countries to make payments at their convenience.

Here are the industries that allow iPhone users to move funds.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become people’s lifestyle and has made a revolution among consumers.

Today, People prefer shopping online and visiting the e-commerce platforms that meet their demand.

These customers can purchase items and products from all around the world as long as they have an internet connection. Thanks to Apple, buyers are able to make purchases through the Web.

Therefore, to make these purchases, the customers are surely going to use a credit or debit card.

Apple Pay is the best solution allowing them to store their credit and debit on their iOS devices.

Betting Sites & Casinos

As Apple Pay provides easier and more secure transactions, several gambling sites in New Zealand accept it.

With the growth of this sector in this island, Apple Pay online casinos start accepting NZ players and those who open an account on these platforms can choose their preferred payment solutions.

Apple Pay is considered to be the best option for making both deposits and withdrawal.

Actually, once the players find their favorite games and want to transfer money, they have a large choice in terms of banking options.

This innovation uses the highest level of security to protect the gamblers’ payment data when they use their dollar.

Touch ID is one of the most straightforward options to make their payment confidential and secure. This fingerprint identity sensor protects them from someone who wants to steal their devices.

Grocery Stores

Apart from shopping online, Apple Pay can also be used in grocery stores.

This payment solution has partnered with countless stores and it also includes restaurants, boutiques, and other services.

What’s more, the iPhone latest models (from the iPhone 6) have a feature called NFC technology allowing the users to enhance their shopping.

Nearly 90 percent of people use a credit or debit card to make their purchase and with Apple Pay, they can store their credit, debit, and gift cards in one place.

Apple Pay Features

Send and receive money. Apple Pay allows users to pay their products on the internet by using iOS apps.

With this method, you can send and receive money at your convenience.

In fact, once you receive money from someone, it will be kept in Apple Cash for its security.

Then, you can use it directly or transfer it to your bank account. As long as PayPal blocks gambling transactions, Apple Pay becomes the most popular method for New Zealanders.

Bank account transfer.

With Apple Pay, you can move money instantly or no more than 3 business days from your Apple Cash to your Visa debit card. If you opt for an instant transfer, your money will be available within 30 minutes and for transfer in 1 to 3 business days, it can take longer.

The good news is that transferring money from Apple Cash to your bank account is completely free.


Apple Pay uses an effective method to keep the privacy and security of the users. This will allow you to make easy and confidential transactions securely.

There are three Authentications that you can use to maintain your security such as Passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID Authentications.

Apple Pay Pros

A very secure way to make payments.

Making a transaction with Apple Pay is secure because it uses effective authentication processes such as PIN, passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID.

Besides, they use a certified chip to store their customers’ payment information safely.


Convenience is also the benefit of using Apple Pay as the users can move funds anywhere and at any time.

With the use of NFC technology, the customers can both prevent fraud and make payment in just a few seconds. With the boost of the industries that opt for this solution, all parties will benefit from it.

Apple Pay Cons

The main drawback is the limited supported devices.

As a matter of fact, Apple Pay is only accessible for iPhone 6 and higher and iPad 2 or above versions.

Any older iPhone models cannot support the application.

Unfortunately, only a few shops accept this innovation in some countries.

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