August 19, 2020

Instagram Suggested Posts is Now Available in the Main Feed

By Sona Mathews

In the course of the significant Instagram update, one more update from Instagram is joining the list. Instagram suggested posts now showing in the main feed of Instagram users. And, the surprising thing is that the user will see suggested posts of the people he is not even following.

Instagram has decided to add Suggested posts to the main feed of the users. This clearly states that every Instagram user can see the posts of people without following them if it is coming in his suggested posts section.

Instagram Suggested Posts is Now Avilable in the Main Feed: eAskme
Instagram Suggested Posts is Now Avilable in the Main Feed: eAskme

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Users can find the suggested post section in the main feed. It is displaying right after the “You’ll All Caught Up”  section.

This is the first time when Instagram has decided to display the organic posts in user feed.

Till now, the main feed of instagram user was the place to display the content of the people he is following.

This clearly states that now uses can see sponsored posts also in the suggested posts section on Instagram.

The significant change is that the users have to see the suggested post section as he cannot opt-out.
Instagram users are criticizing this update as this will fill their feed with posts from unknown people.

Here is the time to find out everything about Instagram suggested posts update.

What is Instagram suggested posts:

Instagram feed is now displaying the suggested posts. Even if an Instagram user is following the person or not still he will see the posts in Instagram suggested posts section.

Instagram users can continue to scroll down to view older posts, but they will also see suggested posts from now.

Continuous scrolling will allow Instagram to increase user engagement as the user has to keep on scrolling until he does not find the post of his interest.

How Instagram Suggested posts are selected:

In Instagram suggested posts section, the user will see the content similar to the people he is following.

This section work as the related posts section.

Instagram also allows users to send feedback about the posts they do not want to see.

All you need is to hit the three dots icon and select “Not Interested.”

In Instagram related posts, section users will also see Instagram ads.

This also states that users will not see Instagram reels or IGTv content in suggested posts.

Why Instagram Users are Criticizing Suggest posts in Main feed:

Here are 3 significant reasons why Instagram users are criticizing about Suggested posts update.

  • User have to scroll a lot to find interesting content.

  • Instagram users are not interested in seeing the content of the people they are not following

  • Users have to spend more time on Instagram.

Instagram suggested posts is already live for users worldwide.

Instagram is also curious about the feedback they are collecting from the users. It will help them to understand if the users like the content or not.

What do you think about this Instagram update?

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