March 09, 2019

Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brands Want them.)

Like, Share, Comment and Follow!

These are the 4 words that you will find everywhere on every site on the internet.

Most of the times these sounds like;
  • Like what I write!
  • Share What I publish!
  • Comment in the comment box.
  • Follow to stay Tuned!
Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brands Want them.): eAskme
Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brands Want them.): eAskme

Even the biggest brands in any industry such as Amazon, American Airlines, HuffingtonPost, Discover Science, Harvard University, etc. want you to like, share, comment on what they publish and follow them on every social channel.

Now your mind wants you to find out...


Why every brand wants you to
Today, I am going to talk and share everything about these most wants actions "Like, Share, Comment and Follow."

In this post I will cover everything, about;
  1. Why should you like the content or not?
  2. Why should you share the content or not?
  3. Why should you comment in comment sections?
  4. Why should you follow or subscribe to the sites?
Let's start now....

Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why (Uncovering Why Brand Wants it.)

Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why You Should (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brand Wants it.): eAskme

Whenever you visit a site or blog, you will find that they are publishing a lot of content in forms of;

Why they do it?

They do it to share the knowledge, spread the word about what they have to offer and boost their business.

Sites or brands cannot do it without asking you to like, share, comment and follow them.

I will share one by one about these.

let's start with the first one.


When you open a site or blog what you do?

You check the content to find the answer to your query or to satisfy your brain.

After visiting one or few pages, if you find the content interesting then in most of the cases you give a like.

So answer is simple you like to the content because you find it interesting.

But the question is why you should like the content?

Why You Should Like the content?
I always talk about gratitude and appreciation.

These both are the force that drives business, brand or individual to serve you better.

Whenever you love the content, it tells the website or blog owners that what type of content you are interested in.

This understanding help brand to produce more similar content that you like on their site.
Tip: If you want the site to serve you better: Always Like the content you visit or find interesting.
How to like the content:

It is super easy to like the content.
  • In most of the sites, you will find social links to like the content
  • You can also like the content on Facebook, Twitter or other social channels.
Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why You Should (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brand Wants it.): eAskme has received more than 28000 likes.


Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why You Should (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brand Wants it.): eAskme

Now you have liked the content, what's next?

Share the content you have liked.

"Sharing is Caring."

Sharing is the best way to appreciate a brand or blogger.

Sharing is also a favourite way to say thanks to the site or webmaster for publishing helpful content.

You have already liked the content.

So the question is, why Should You share the content?

Why Should You Share the Content?

By sharing the content, you are not only appreciating the webmaster but also helping others.


When you share the content on social networks;
  • You will help others who need similar advice or benefits.
  • Sharing helps you to become generous.
  • Sharing helpful content on Social Networks increase the popularity of your profile.
How to Share the Content:

Sharing is super easy.

  • You will find social sharing buttons on almost all the websites.
  • Just click on the button related to social network and share the content.
Bonus Tip:

If you are a blogger or webmaster, then you should share the infographics on your blog.

This will also help you to;

Where to share the content:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp are some of the famous sites or platforms where you can share the content. posts have been shared more than 200,000 times.


Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why You Should (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brand Wants it.): eAskme

Now you know why should you like and share the content.

The next thing in the row is leaving the comment about the content.

When you should leave a comment:
  • If you like the content the comment on it.
  • If you do not like the content then also comment on it.
You see!

Now the question is why should you like the content even if you do not like it.

Why Should You leave comments in the comment section?

You will find the answer here.

The comment section is not there to please you.

The comment section is there to find out;
  • What you like about the content.
  • What you do not like about the content.
  • What are your expectations
  • What more you want to know
  • What more problems you are facing
In Short: Comment section is there to find out your experience and analyze the problems.
Benefits of commenting:

You should leave the comment, and the big reason is to help the site produce more helpful content for you.
The more comments you submit on a site, the more help you can get from the webmasters.
Commenting on sites also help you develop a personal touch.

Sometimes you can even expect the callback or Skype interactions with experts or even the CEO's.
There are two most popular plugins that sites are using to allow you to comment;
  1. Commentluv
  2. Disqus
How to submit the comment?

Submitting the comment is easy.
  • All you need is to go to the end of the post.
  • You will find a comment section there
  • Leave comments
Now as you understand the importance of liking, sharing and commenting on the content.

The next and final point is to follow or subscribe to the site.


I am sharing here for you...


Like, Share, Comment, Follow: Why You Should (Bonus tips: Uncovering Why Brand Wants it.): eAskme

Whenever I visit a site, I always subscribe to it.


First it is free, and second, it helps me get the latest updates.

I never want to miss the single opportunity to boost my knowledge or get expert help.

Do you?

People who love getting updates and explore the world around them gain more knowledge than others who ignore it.

If you want to grow in your life, then you should develop the habit of getting updates faster.
The common habit of growth experts is that they keep following various websites to find the latest updates.
To get the fast updates it is necessary to follow or subscribe to the site.

Reasons why Should You subscribe or follow the site or blog?
  • Get latest updates
  • Get exclusive offers and giveaways only available for subscribers.
  • Get the chance to meet the experts
Who wants to miss an exciting offer or the latest updates?

By following or subscribing a site, you will become the priority to get the updates faster.

Do you want to become the priority of eAskme? If ye, then subscribe us.

It's free, and it's fun.
Do you know that eAskme has crossed the milestone of 100,000 followers?

Final Words:

Now you know why and how you should Like, Share and Comment on every post you visit.

You also understand why should you Follow a website or blog.

Benefits are unlimited, and it is not possible to say everything in words.

Some people have have changed their gaining knowledge from the sites and sharing their love in the shape of likes, shares, comments and following.

So, What you will do now.

If you are reading this, you should like, share, comment and follow/subscribe us.

And get all the benefits that a brand can offer you for free and help us serve you better.

Because, your time and words are important for us.

Be happy. Live long!

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