November 27, 2021

Google Mobile-First Indexing Update: There is no set date!

Google is keeping the mobile-first index timeline open.

Search engine giant working for years on mobile-first indexing technology. Earlier, Google has decided March 2021 as the last time for 100% mobile-first indexing.

Now, Google has removed this deadline, and there is no last date for a complete switchover.

Google Mobile-First Indexing Update: There is no set date!: eAskme
Google Mobile-First Indexing Update: There is no set date!: eAskme

Google has canceled the mobile-first index deadline hoping that remaining websites will take time to shift their site to a mobile-friendly version.

Google Mobile-First Index:

Mobile-First Index update is targeting mobile-friendly websites. These pages will rank better in mobile searches.

Google has moved the mobile-first index last date to ensure that more websites will join the mobile-first index.

Google wants to move search ranking and indexing to a mobile-friendly version of the website.

It means that Google will no longer use the desktop version to index and rank in search results in the future.

Google is keeping the last date open.

Google has canceled Date for Mobile-First Index:

March 2021 was the last date to move the site from desktop to mobile-first version.

But, Google has announced that there are sites that are taking time to make the shift.

So they have decided to cancel the launch date of 100% mobile-first index.

Google Site Indexing: What is changing?

Even though Google has removed the last date to shift the site to 100% mobile index version, webmasters and SEO claim that Google indexing has dropped in the past few months.

The search community is finding it difficult to index regular content in Google search.

People are worried that Google is indexing less content.

Bing has also made a major change to indexing and ranking by introducing IndexNow.


A recent post from Google shows that the company has postponed the final date to launch 100% mobile-first indexing.

It means that Google is not moving to mobile-first indexing as soon as they have planned.

Google has not disclosed the data or number of the sites still in progress to develop a mobile-friendly face.

But, surely, there are a considerable number of sites that have made Google postpone their plan.

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