November 19, 2021

How to Index a Website in Google Search Within 24 Hours

By Sonia
It is really necessary to have a website to stand in this virtual world or Internet era.

It is also important that users or readers can easily find your website in search engines by your brand name. Webmasters are also adding blogs to their sites these days to make indexing faster.

Today we will discuss how to submit your website to search engines within no time.

I have tested and found that working ways help us to get index faster.

How to Index a Website in Google Search Within 24 Hours: eAskme
How to Index a Website in Google Search Within 24 Hours: eAskme

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If you have purchased a domain name or you are not getting good traffic on your site, then you should check if your site is indexed in search engines or not.
  • Go to 
  • Enter
Replace with the actual domain name of your site or blog and check it is indexed or not.

If you do not find any result that means your site is not indexed yet, so now come the time for you to follow below-mentioned steps:

What is indexing of a website?

Many people have heard word indexing for the first time.

Indexing in SEO means allowing search engines to record your website's links in the search engine database.

Always target all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

Search engines bots crawl your site and index all links depending on the mate tag you have used, like Index or no index, dofollow, or nofollow.

You can also control what you want search engines to Index or whatnot.

How search engine works:

Now see the tips on how to index a website within 24 hours in Google search.

Other than Onpage SEO optimization like meta description, meta keywords, meta tags, and On-site SEO like robots.txt, Nofollow, or noindex, sitemap's main focus is to put the website in search engine within 24 hours.

But you should have good content on your website before starting the indexing process.

It is not good to allow Google to crawl an empty page. Also, do all basic on-site SEO.

How to Index a Website in Google within notime:

I believe these tips work with all websites and blogs. It also depends upon how fast Googlebot index site pages.

Submission to Blog networks :

If you think that blog directories and blog networks are histories, then you need to think again.

There is just a slight change from old times: you should submit your site to selected directories only.

Never go for directories that ask to use link exchange.

Check following to find the best suitable:

To start with:

Blogcatalog: Blogcatalog is a good blog network to drive lots of traffic.

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Sitemap Submission :

Sitemap helps search engine crawlers to crawl pages of your website.

Always have a sitemap on your website.

Now submit sitemap to Google, bing, and popular search engine you can think of. Read:

Commenting Dofollow/Comment luv

Commenting is a good way to get backlinks also and good traffic.

Even if you can`t check dofollow and nofollow, you should comment on High-Quality blogs or websites.

This helps search engine both to find your site links and crawl them.

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Popular website Stats program :

IMT Website Submitter

There are so many sites that keep the status of websites.

These are a nice way to get your blogs and website indexed.

It is not easy to submit manually, so that you can use the IMT website submitter.

You just need to add anchor text and URL and click the "submit" buttons to submit your site.

Social Bookmarking submission :

Social bookmarking sites are very effective in getting your site indexed.

I have seen my site within 4 hours in search engine.

Start with Mix, Twitter, Facebook for faster indexing of your content.


Guest posting:

If you have patience and time, you should write 7-8 high-quality posts and ask followers on the same niche to publish those posts on their blogs as guest posts, and it will give you good backlinks.

If your client wants you to do the same, then buy articles and do the same. Backlinks about guest posts also help you to get quality traffic.

Do guest post on related sites according to your niche.

Read : 

Ping Services:

Ping services are great to tell search engines about the existence of your blog or website. Pingomatic is one of the best ping tools.

If you are on the WOrdpress platform, you probably already know that WordPress has its default feature to ping services.

You can also try Pingler.

Result of 4 hours :

The site got indexed within 4 hours.

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 Also, create Social Media profiles and share your link publicly or add your website link there.

There are so many more ways to index your site faster. Do share your suggestions in the comments. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. If you like this post, don`t forget to share it on Google Plus and Twitter.
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