November 26, 2021

Why Any Employee Must Use a Ticker For Desktop?

A ticker tape is a strip of text placed at the bottom of the desktop.

Visually, it is very similar to the news ticker that we are used to seeing on TV screens.

The text expands or simply scrolls across the screen when pressed until the entire message text is shown to the recipients.

Why Any Employee Must Use a Ticker For Desktop?: eAskme
Why Any Employee Must Use a Ticker For Desktop?: eAskme

Ticker for desktop is the most popular format, but there is also a mobile version of the software.

In this case, messages are displayed in push notifications, which are easy to see, read and hide.

Why Do Employees of Your Company Need Ticker Tape?

A ticker is a modern way of internal communication that allows you to transmit important news and messages without interrupting employees from their direct tasks and responsibilities.

They can view and reply to your messages without even shutting down the main program they are running.

The information is displayed in the form of headings, to which you can anchor links to obtain additional information regarding the main topic of the post.

It is convenient to pass in this way:

  • Urgent and important news;
  • Announcements and reminders for meetings or essential appointments;
  • Notifications for specific departments of the company;
  • Any general information regarding the schedule, work schedule, individual tasks, etc.;
  • Any other internal information, discussions that every employee should be aware of.

Now you don't need to worry about whether all team members saw important news.

Read receipts for messages will be displayed conveniently.

Desktop Ticker Benefits:

If an employee does not have time to view an email or news in instant messengers, he will accurately scan the information in the running line with his eyes without interrupting his work.

Thus, each team member can view your messages without closing all open windows and looking for the exact tab where your message is located.

The messenger usually shows that the message has arrived and is hidden.

If the user did not see this signal immediately, he might not immediately read the necessary information for himself.

The ticker is displayed until the message is read.

This helps achieve a 100% open rate and guarantees that all the important news within your team will be delivered to the addresses on time.

Desktop Ticker software helps all team members or departments communicate in real-time and react to certain situations in a flash.

Notifications come instantly and can be easily deployed so that the user can see the entire message.

You can choose the style, color, font, and other parameters of displaying the news feed on the screen in the program settings.

But the most important thing is that in the settings, you will also see reports on the speed of reading and the response to your notifications.

Using Tickers: A Few Tips:

Desktop Ticker is the ideal solution for distributing important information within a team.

These can be short reminders, tips, news, etc. Unlike numerous mail services and messaging applications, the ticker will not allow you to turn off the computer until the notification is read.

For this reason, it is essential not to overload the feed with empty greetings or information that cannot be considered valid or valuable.

This will help users concentrate on basic tasks and switch to reading news only when necessary.

By serving information in batches, messages will be perceived as extremely serious and thus will not irritate employees.

Subject to this rule, sending stickers will help establish prompt and high-quality internal communication and become the basis for close-knit teamwork.

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