November 20, 2022

43 Free Courses: LinkedIn and GitHub Offering Free Courses till March 2023

By Sona Mathews

LinkedIn and GitHub are collaborating to offer 43 free software development courses. But these courses will stay free for a limited time only.

LinkedIn and GitHub are offering free courses till March 2023. You can access 40 software development courses for free through LinkedIn Learning. These courses are free till March 2023.

LinkedIn and GitHub Offering 43 Free Courses: eAskme
LinkedIn and GitHub Offering 43 Free Courses: eAskme

All these free courses are in the form of educational videos where you will learn the most popular programming languages.

GitHub Codespaces' collaboration with LinkedIn is good news for those who want to learn and improve their software development skills.

These courses will enrich your skills, whether you are a newbie or an advanced developer.

Here is everything you must know about the LinkedIn and GitHub free courses.

40+ Free Courses from LinkedIn and GitHub:

LinkedIn and GitHub Codespaces Integration have announced the launch of 50+ courses.

Here are the courses that you find on LinkedIn for free with GitHub Codespaces Integration:

  • ESLint: Customizing Styles
  • ESLint: Integrating With Your Workflow
  • ESLint: Checking For Syntax and Logic Errors
  • CSS: Scrolling and Parallax
  • CSS Layout Code Challenges
  • CSS: Images
  • CSS Tips
  • CSS: Enhancing Interfaces With Animation
  • CSS Layout Code Challenges
  • Controlling CSS With JavaScript
  • Building Monorepos on GitHub
  • Machine Learning With Python: Logistic Regression
  • CSS: Animation
  • Hands-On Introduction: PHP
  • Level Up: PHP
  • Practice It: Go REST API Server
  • Practice It: Python Data Structures
  • Hands-On Introduction: SQL
  • Level Up: Advanced Python
  • Hands-On Introduction: Java
  • Data Cleaning in Python Essential Training
  • Hands-On Introduction: JavaScript
  • Training Neural Networks In Python
  • JavaScript: Functions
  • Level Up: SQL
  • Data Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack
  • Machine Learning With Python: Association Rules
  • Practice It: JavaScript Loops and Conditionals
  • Learning Bash Scripting
  • Hands-On Introduction: ASP.NET Razor Pages
  • Hands-On Introduction: Go
  • CSS for Programmers
  • Level Up: Python
  • Level Up: SQL
  • Level-Up: Go
  • Level Up: C
  • Practice It: Java
  • Level Up: Python Data Acquisitions, Prep, and EDA
  • Hands-On Introduction: React

You can watch these free LinkedIn courses through LinkedIn Learning till 28th February 2023.

You must have a LinkedIn account to access free LinkedIn courses. And you can do it without installing GitHub Codespaces.


LinkedIn courses help improve skills and add something extra to your profile.

These LinkedIn and GitHub collaboration courses help you learn the best software development skills.

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