LinkedIn Has launched 3 new features for LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn pages have received 3 new updates to help businesses engage with their audiences better.

LinkedIn pages are an important part of LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Companies not only display service, site links, rates, images, contact info, etc. but also build loyal followers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Has launched 3 new features to LinkedIn Pages, Post Templates and Clickable Links, Pinned Comments, Page Commitments: eAskme
LinkedIn Has launched 3 new features to LinkedIn Pages, Post Templates and Clickable Links, Pinned Comments, Page Commitments: eAskme

Businesses on LinkedIn are using pages to engage with their audiences with the help of post templates, pinned comments, and page commitments.

LinkedIn has launched the following features for LinkedIn pages:

Post Templates and Clickable Links for LinkedIn Pages:

Businesses on LinkedIn can now use custom templates to create engaging content for LinkedIn pages.

You can find these LinkedIn post templates in the LinkedIn app.

To use the LinkedIn post template:

  • Go to the LinkedIn page and start creating the post.
  • Click on the “use template,” button.
  • Customize the post template according to your brand and content.
  • You can edit the background and add clickable links, text, and font.

Pinned Comments for LinkedIn Pages:

Businesses can pin the most favorable comments to highlight it.

Pinned comments feature will help LinkedIn pages to keep the conversation active.

You can change pinned posts whenever you want.

Page Commitments for LinkedIn Pages:

A new “our featured commitments” section is now available on LinkedIn pages.

With this feature, your Business LinkedIn page can display important values for partners and job seekers.

These commitments will display in the About section of your LinkedIn page.

You can add the following commitments.

  • Career growth and learning.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social Impact
  • Work-life balance

You can host content demonstrating values, blog posts, certifications, reports, and videos.


LinkedIn making it easy for businesses to use LinkedIn Pages for business growth and audience targeting.

Use these features wisely to grow your LinkedIn presence.

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