Sam Altman is Back as OpenAI CEO with New Board

After days of OpenAI drama, Sam Altman is once again becoming OpenAI CEO. The New OpenAI board is replacing the board that has fired Sam Altman.

Sam Altman’s return is not the end of Mira Murati’s career at OpenAI. She will still work as OpenAI CTO.

The new boards and Sam Altman will work for the success of AI products, research, and collaborations.

Sam Altman is Back as OpenAI CEO with New Board: eAskme
Sam Altman is Back as OpenAI CEO with New Board: eAskme

Here are four things that you must know:

  • OpenAI’s X (Earlier known as Twitter) handle published the return of Sam Altman as CEO.
  • OpenAI New Board is there.
  • Greg Brockman is now OpenAI president.
  • Mira Murati is staying as CTO.

The new board will replace the old board that has fired Sam Altman.

It also displays OpenAI’s commitment to improving AI.

Mira Murati has also published that the OpenAI team is irreplaceable, and she welcomes Sam Altman and Greg Brockman.

New OpenAI Board will have:

  • Bret Taylor as Chair
  • Adam D’Angelo
  • Larry Summers

Sam Altman is also looking forward to strengthening the company with new technologies and board reshuffling.

He shared his gratitude towards Microsoft, Satya Nadella, Brad, Amy and Kevi. Sam said that Microsoft will be part of the new board as a non-voting observer.

It is good news for Microsoft as this way, Satya Nadella has more influence in OpenAI.

Impact of Sam Altman on OpenAI:

Sam Altman’s focus is on creating advanced AI with OpenAI.

Mira Murati, Greg Brockman, and Sam Altman trio will give a better future to OpenAI and AI technologies.

New OpenAI Board Priorities are:

  • Empower corporate governance.
  • Develop Innovative AI technologies.
  • Advanced research in the field of AI.

OpenAI is focused on building AI technologies to improve human life as well as profit stakeholders.

SEO experts and marketers are also interested in advanced AI tools.


Sam Altman’s return to OpenAI as CEO with a new board will be helpful not only for Microsoft but also for stakeholders. AI community is keeping a close eye on the events happening in OpenAI. It can also be the beginning of a new era of AI technologies.

OpenAI employees were also looking for Sam Altman's return to the company.

Greg Brockman is also there to work with Sam Altman.

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