November 11, 2023

Custom GPTs: How To Use ChatGPT For Marketing and SEO

Custom GPTs are here. Are you ready to try them? Do you know how to use a custom GPT builder to create GPT for SEO and marketing? Or do You want to know how to configure a professional GPT?

Custom GPT is already in the market, and it is time to learn how to use custom GPT to create conversational GPTs.

Also, remember the advanced settings and configuration actions to ensure a perfectly working GPT. It is also necessary to explore the Custom GPT process to evaluate websites for EEAT.

How to use Custom GPT's to use ChatGPT for marketing and SEO: eAskme
How to use Custom GPT's to use ChatGPT for marketing and SEO: eAskme

OpenAI DevDay has made a significant impact by launching custom GPTs. Every judge-perfect user can use custom GPTs.

How to use custom GPTs for marketing and SEO:

If you are a ChatGPT enterprise or ChatGPT plus user, you can access custom GPTs. You can use third-party API's custom actions, multimodal capabilities, additional files, and instructions to create custom GPTs.

Custom GPT is an advanced version of ChatGPT where you have no character limit.

How to build a custom GPT for your business?

Right now, there are only two ways to build custom GPT for your business, blog, or client:

  1. Create Custom GPT
  2. Configure Custom GPT

Using a custom GPT natural language model for settings and coding with set parameters is easy.

If you understand prompt engineering, you can use "Configure" to easily customize GPT.

You can find the custom GPT instructions on the "Explore GPT Page," such as image, description, name, etc.

You can use up to 8000 words of instructions or prompts to create custom GPT.


You can also upload content to "Knowledge" as a reference for your GPT creation.


You can also enable advanced capabilities of your users, such as Dall- E 3, Advanced analysis, and web browsing.


You can use third-party party-API apps to use custom actions. You can even use OpenAI schema.

How to use Custom GPTs for Marketing and SEO?

Custom GPTs and EEAT:

You can use custom ChatGPT to build a professional Web analyst tool to evaluate Google EEAT.

  • When building a web quality analyst, you will reference Overview and Google Search Quality rater guidelines.
  • Next, add browsing capability in "Create" to evaluate websites for reviews and evaluations.
  • Next, the "Configure" section will display knowledge, instructions, conversion starters, and essential details.
  • In "Action", you can add additional capabilities by visiting "Advanced Settings."
  • Now save your custom GPT to use it whenever you want.
  • Your saved custom GPTs will be displayed in the ChatGPT sidebar.

Use Custom GPT for Topic Generation:

You can use custom GPT to build GPT that can generate new topic ideas for your blog or business website.

Generate Title ideas, search keywords, and write descriptions.


Do you use ChatGPT for writing, content idea generation, SEO, or marketing?

What challenges do you face?

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